• 7 Top Tips for Online Retailers Nov 23, 2011
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    Today everyone is shopping online, if you have a product or service that translates well to the internet it is worth setting up a website to ensure that you have an online presence. We’ve all been online to do shopping for something, so the trick is to take the ideas you’ve seen that have worked and make them your own.

    To be successful in the online space you need to ensure you’ve set your site up properly and everything is in place to optimise sales. We’ve created a list of things you might want to consider when selling your products and services online.

    1. Make your buyers feel confident. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but if you make claims about shipping time, levels of service, or offer guarantees your site, make sure you use them correctly and continually throughout the site to provide reassurance to your customer. It is particularly effective to do this on the checkout screen.
    2. Don’t make them login too soon. It’s surprising how many websites do this. Most retail sites require you to login in order to make a purchase, but some of them require you to login before you can even see the products or services on offer. This is a mistake. You should allow your customers to look around and put things in their shopping basket before logging in. Logging in should only take place at the checkout, because the customer has already decided they want the items; your customer is unlikely to go elsewhere when they have their items at the checkout.
    3. Store details. Make sure you have an option on the website that allows you to store your customers’ details if they choose you to; this helps them later on or the next time they purchase from your site because they won’t have to type everything in again.
    4. Keep it simple. Make sure that you don’t over complicate the shopping process. Your customers don’t want to login every time they want to place an item in the shopping cart, they want to shop quickly and easily. This goes for the checkout process too. Make sure it’s easy to use and as quick as possible. This can be done by using simple tools like allowing your customers to check a box to signify their shipping address is the same as the billing address, to save them writing it again.
    5. Don’t overdo it. For online purpose less really is more. Customers don’t often want to read long winded explanations or introductions; instead they want the facts quickly and clearly explained to them. Customers are on your site to buy something or because they’re interested in your products or services. Make it easy for them to get what they want.
    6. Searches. Make sure your searches are fast and easy to use. Tag all your items correctly so they turn up in the right categories when they are searched for. Not only will this make it easier for your customer, it’s also vital to make sales.
    7. Update regularly. You need to keep a constant check of your stock and make sure you’re not advertising something you will have to order in and make the customer wait for. If this is going to be the case it is advisable to let the customer know of the delay, perhaps in an email. Keeping up to date website information, terms and conditions and stock lists is essential to ensure you continue to look professional at all times.
    It is important to make sure you don’t alienate or upset your customers; which can be easy to do in the online world. Following the tips above will help you create a site that keeps your customers satisfied.

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