• 6 essential tips to hire the right employee Oct 10, 2016
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    It is obvious to say that every business owner would like to hire only the right employees to create a dream team. But unfortunately, it is too difficult to find a person who will fit all the expectations we have and who will keep the same image we got about him/her at the job interview. These tips might be helpful to escape the potential disappointment and find the right team member from the very beginning.
    • Identify your priorities. You should understand for yourself what exactly you are looking for in your next employee. For this, imagine your ideal employee: what his/her skills are, what knowledge and qualities he/she has. It will help you to realise what you should pay attention to when hiring. You can also create a list of such characteristics and take it with you for the job interview: this way you won't forget anything.
    • Ask for referrals. Your colleagues or business partners might know the employee you are looking for, that's why don't feel shy to ask if anyone could recommend someone. This way you can rely on words of people you trust, and most likely you will have more chances to find the right candidate.
    • Involve employees in the hiring process. Making a team decision is good in a way that everyone takes a part of responsibility, as well as making a choice about the person whom they will be working with.
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