• 5 Ways to offer great Customer Support Aug 7, 2019
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    One of the most important things within a business is to build and improve relationships with your customers. One easy way to do this is by improving your customer service. Keeping your customers happy can be a challenge, but poor customer service can potentially ruin your business.

    When new or old customers come to your support team with any questions or queries, the one thing they will take away from that will be the interaction they had with your company. Your support team is essentially the heart of your business and therefore should maintain excellent relationships with your customers.

    Here at itas, we are big on maintaining those great relationships with new and existing customers. We strive to make sure that none of our customers have any problems or are missing key information with our products and if they do, we will fix it as quickly as possible.

    Contact information is easily accessible
    Our support team is always on hand to help those that need help with our products. There are several different ways our customers can get in touch with us, through a free to call phone number, email or online chat.

    We also offer product-specific user guides on our website which are step by step, free to download guides to help both customers and non-customers with several different processes such as adding a new company, how to process payments and even how to perform a VAT Return in Sage 200. We make our customers aware of these guides from the start so they can try and problem-solve themselves before asking us to help. We also make sure customers know that they can request guides too.

    Ensure your support team are friendly and patient
    We know how frustrating it can be when a problem occurs, so we make sure our customers know they can always give us a call. Our support team are on hand from 8:30am until 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. So, if they do come across a problem or are unsure of something, they know they can just pick up the phone and give us a call.

    One of the most important things to us as a business is friendly customer support. The support team is full of friendly people that have been trained to deal with frustrated customers. We understand that patience is key when it comes to helping our customers as not everybody is an expert with technology.
    The support team are trained regularly
    We make sure our support team are trained regularly. When a new product has been released, we make sure they become more familiar with the latest products which will allow them to assist our customers more efficiently. Not only do we want to give our customers good, customer support but we also want to make sure our support team are confident in their knowledge and abilities, which in turn makes them provide excellent customer service.

    Our support team are cross-product, they make sure to talk to those around them to learn off one another when they have the time. Not only do we do official training courses with Sage but we also make sure we do internal training, allowing members of the team who are more knowledgeable in a certain area to share their knowledge with the rest of the team.

    If you’re speaking to someone from the support team and they’re not 100% certain on your query, they will be honest with you and pass you onto someone who will be more informed with what you’re asking.

    Customer Feedback
    If the support team are getting the same or similar issues from several customers, they will often make a note of it. One thing they’re most likely to do is to make a blog or guide out of it for our website, we then feature it in our newsletter so our customers are kept up-to-date with any new learning materials that may benefit them. This saves the customer and the support team time and makes it so that they don’t have to repeat themselves over again. It’s also so much more helpful to the customer as they will have a visual image in front of them on how to fix their query and rather than always relying on the support team they can become more self-sufficient.

    Once a support case has been closed, an email is sent out to the customer to gather their feedback using Customer Thermometer. The customer can leave either named or anonymous feedback, rating the support received out of five and also able to leave a comment too.

    Account Management
    Something we have introduced within the last year is allocating a dedicated account manager to each customer. The account manager calls the customer periodically for a catch up on how things are going for them and the business. They use this chance to gather feedback on whether there is anything we can do better. It also provides the customer with an opportunity to discuss any recent support cases, how their system is working for them and any company updates.

    A support team is a great asset to your business if you’re wanting to maintain and build relationships with your customers. If customers have had a positive interaction with your support team in the past, they’re likely to recommend your business to friends, family, and peers. Once a customer has enrolled in a support contract with us, we send out a welcome pack that details all the above information so they know how to contact us, where our help guides live, how to provide feedback, who their account manager is and what to expect from our support team! We have found this to be extremely beneficial to our customers.

    A little bit about itas
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