• 5 SEO Tips to Optimise your Website Aug 24, 2019
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    I have put together a set of 5 top tips to tackle SEO on your website. All of these tips are relatively simple and straightforward to execute and don't require a specialist SEO team.

    As an experiment, I Googled hair salons near me. On the first page of Google, most of the websites did not have meta tiles; meta descriptions were not well written (either list of words or directly taken from Google); and sites did not have SSL certificates. These are all basic SEO methods. Many people forget that your website is a reflection of your brand. If your website does not come across well, it can harm your brand image.

    Website loading speed

    Loading speed is essential for both user experience and SEO. Users expect websites to load up in less than 3 seconds on both mobile and desktop. If not, the bounce rate of the website will be high. Google also takes into account the speed of a website with SERP (Search Engine Results Page) positioning.
    To test the speed of your website, use Google PageSpeed Insights.
    The speed of my website was originally low. A mobile score of 10 and desktop 40. This is with a theme which is optimised for speed. Looking at our competition, the page scores ranged from 50-80 for mobile and 80-100. Considerably faster. Within 24 hours, I increased the speed to 50-60 and 80-94.
    To increase your website loading speed consider:
    ⦁ The type of media. Large photos or videos directly on your website take a long time to load. To reduce this time, compress images with image file compressors or plugins such as Imagify. Videos should be hosted on YouTube with a link back to your website.
    ⦁ The number of JavaScript loads on a page. Each of these takes valuable time to load. They include scrollers, slideshows, fonts, animation. To reduce the time taken to load, they can be compressed using plugins such as WP Rocket.
    ⦁ Use a cache plugin such as WP Rocket. In essence, the plugin produces cached pages of your website, which are faster to load. Have a look at my article 'How can I increase my Google Page Speed score' for details on the exact settings to use.

    Responsive theme or mobile site

    It is very frustrating going on sites which are not mobile or tablet friendly. The simplest way of achieving this is by ensuring your theme is responsive. Where images and text are automatically rearranged for any size screen. If your website is not responsive, consider using a plugin to convert your website for mobile.

    Meta titles and descriptions

    Meta titles and descriptions are a simple fix. Using a plugin on a WordPress theme called Yoast, you can easily edit your meta titles and descriptions. Meta titles should reflect the topic of the page, i.e. for this post, I would use '5 tips to optimise your website - Blog post by BeeFound '. Description: Looking for a comprehensive quick SEO guide? Check out our post by marketing Agency BeeFound. The description should entice the user in to read the article and include the key phrases.

    Separate landing pages

    Your website should have different pages dedicated to each service you offer. Allowing the user to find the services/information they are looking for. It also enables effective SEO. Using one page for all services would result in a confusing page for the user and the Google robot. Separate pages with meaningful content for the user is the best SEO strategy.

    Consider user experience

    User experience is import to consider when designing your website. Take a hair salon, for example. The user experience should include a clear price list, online booking, photos of services and reviews. If your competitors are offering these on their website, then it will provide them with an advantage. Although this is not directly related to climbing up the search ranking, when you get a user on your site, an effective UX is likely to convert users.


    Most of the above can be undertaken on your website content management system. Don't get bogged down by it. Although it sounds complicated, you can easily be in control of your SEO.
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