• 5 Reasons- Why Clean Code is Imperative in Software Development Oct 11, 2021
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    Everyone likes when complex functions, programs, and tasks are laid down in front of them in a simple manner. It is often believed that a simple process is a key to achieving the maximum benefits from any entity. Similarly, it is equally important in the case of writing a clean code for software development.

    It is not often that only one programmer works on a single programming code. There is always a team of developers that handle the code and its processing. Sometimes, when several people are working on a single code, it becomes very important that the code is written in a clean way. This ensures that everyone can understand it and make necessary improvements if required.

    Writing a Clean code is crucial because it helps the programmers communicate effectively with another developer working with the same code. It's critical, particularly with the software development company, to always be able to access the previously written code and analyze what it's about.

    The more descriptive a source code is, the clearer it communicates, and so the easier it is to troubleshoot when errors emerge. You will become a better co-worker, coder, and developer if you write clean code.

    What is a Clean Code?

    The term "clean code" refers to code that is simple to read, understand, and modify. It's as easy as giving attributes, methods, and objects descriptive names so that everyone knows exactly what they contain or their function when they read it. When it comes to developing clean code principles, the following two basic guidelines help a lot.

    DRY is for Don't Repeat Yourself and KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. The programmer then has the task of ensuring that there is still a better way to resolve problems or add functionality to the program.

    The majority of code isn't created and then completely neglected; instead, it's developed and then changed over time to maintain it and keep it efficient for the project. Because there are often multiple developers who need to grasp what the code performs. Therefore, the purpose of the code must be apparent.

    It is very evident that you can use comments to make the program more descriptive and clearer. One of the best ways to make sure that everyone understands your code is that it should be simple on a technical level. Additionally, clean code requirements improve the quality of your program.

    Reasons Why Clean Code is Imperative in Software Development

    There are often instances where a programming code is considered to be an art, where humans try to make humans understand the language of computers. When application functions as intended, developers are frequently persuaded that their job is finished. However, codes aren't only written for computers alone. Therefore, let us see what are the 5 reasons why writing clean code for software development is important.

    1. Beneficial for future development

    The codes you write today are the codes that will be updated over time to implement more features and functions. Therefore, writing complex code will always make it hectic to update it in the future. Additionally, once the base code is written, you cannot make changes. It can only be updated but not completely changed.

    A code that is complex may provide faster deployment but can cause many problems in the longer run. A code is modified on a regular basis to make it free of bugs or to improve its functionality. A complex set of code is bound to have a dead-end, from where the developers won't be able to update it further.

    This will create a very huge problem. The code will have to be completely re-written and updated again. This will consume a lot of time and would cost a fortune. This will cause a great loss for the developers working on it and the development organization. Therefore, writing a simple and effective code will be very beneficial for the future.

    2. Improves the technique

    The developer responsible for constructing the simple code needs to understand every aspect and functionality. This makes them aware of every technique and way of developing a program for a single function. Therefore, it inherently improves the working style and technique of the developer. All the mobile app development companies prefer developers who have better techniques to make advanced programs.

    They constantly get to learn new things and techniques that they can use to create several sets of codes that would carry out the same function. It also pushes the developers to learn more to make their codes more simple and easily understandable. This will help improve the knowledge and technical skill of the developer.

    3. Customer satisfaction

    One of the most important reasons a clean code for software development is written in a simple language is the fact that it can be easily read and understood by the customer. Therefore, writing simple code is not only beneficial for the developer but also for the customer. Technical debt is introduced into the projects when creators write poor or unclear code.

    Excess technical debt is demoralizing and pulls professionals away from the company, even if it might be beneficial when carefully examined in context. When the simple things become difficult, developers vote with their feet and leave. The quality of the project gives developers more employee satisfaction than the quantity.

    Technical debt reduces the likelihood of reuse and establishes a poor-quality standard for the remainder of the codebase. This is very bad for customer satisfaction. All software development companies want their programmers to write simple and efficient codes.

    4. Complex codes are tough to read

    Developers are frequently proud of their abilities to tackle complex issues. Clean code requirements, on the other hand, are pretty simple. Reading complex codes is a difficult task. That's why many developers are inclined to rewrite instead of doing the difficult effort of understanding and interpreting existing code.

    Since reading code is inherently difficult, if you write code that you can barely follow while writing it, you'll find yourself unable to grasp it later. Qualified developers create so many codes that most of the program structure and planning phase fade from sight after several weeks apart. It's as though you're looking at the project from a different angle.

    5. Simple foundations are grounds for future development

    Software strategies such as professional reworking, test automation, and TDD have recently received considerable attention. These techniques enhance the quality and durability of the program. Adopting clean code standards is a basic skill that benefits off in a big way when it comes to refactoring and testing code.

    Clean coding principles result in extremely structured program code that is easy to understand and test. Clean code is the basis of these techniques if you consider them as parts of a home. Therefore, they lay grounds for future developers to create a better program for them. A simple structure helps create a program that performs the required task without going into the complexities.


    Writing clean code has several benefits when we look from the developer's point of view and the customer. Codes are often very tough to understand, let alone update them. Clean codes give the feasibility to understand any code set easily. This also allows anyone to understand the functionality of the programs.
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