• 5 essential things you need to work at home during this Coronavirus crisis Jul 22, 2020
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    As the coronavirus crisis worsens, many companies are looking to make moves that ensure their survival. One of the most popular choices instead of closing is working from home. If a company is able to continue its operations with its workers working from home, productivity will not be affected severely. This will help to minimize losses brought by the epidemic

    To work from home effectively, one needs adequate preparations. To begin with, one needs a stable system that interconnects him or her to the employer and other employees. Typically, most people go home to relax after work. This means that some adjustments will need to be carried out to make the home suitable for work.

    The following are five essential things that one can do to prepare to work from home adequately;

    1. Have a good computer system with an internet VPN connection

    To work from home, you need the right tools. The primary tool you need to work from home is a computer with a secure VPN for internet safety. The computer helps the user to go on with his or her job and to connect with various people or organisations through electronic communications.

    Working from home will require a little more from your home computer. Most home computers are used mainly for entertainment purposes. If you plan to use your home computer, ensure it has been recently serviced. This will help it to perform efficiently when exposed to a full day's work.

    2. Wok from a dedicated working space

    Despite what many people believe, working from home does not mean working from your couch. You need an actual workspace that is set up to act as an office. This place should be well organised and should have all the essentials of an office.

    Creating an office space also helps you to avoid being part of the activities going on at home. It also helps to put the worker in a working mood. To be productive, one needs to shift from home mood, which is usually relaxation and kicking it back.

    3. Set up a virtual data room

    A VDR, also known as a deal room, is a virtual secure online repository used to store, retrieve and distribute documents. Deal rooms are usually used during important business milestones that need documentation.

    You need a functional data room to store and share your important documents with your colleagues even as you wok to defeat the corona pandemic. A VDR will ensure that your company's documents are secure and can be accessed securely when the need arises.

    4. Work in clothes that are not pyjamas

    It is crucial to dress up even if you are working from home. This helps to shift your mind-set from a relaxed state to an alert and working mood. It may not be necessary to dress in a three-piece suit and a tie, but at least try to dress in regular working clothes and not your sleeping clothes.

    Once the workday is done, you can change into your regular home clothes and relax. Observing this dressing discipline helps one to maintain productivity even when working from home.

    5. Establish a time for working

    Working from home can be quite chaotic; many distractions compete for your attention. At home, there is never a shortage of disruptions, from your children to your neighbor's dog. The best way to stay focused is by maintaining a strict working schedule.

    Allow your working time not to be affected by anything. Make it well known to the people around you that work time is work time. Make it a habit to put on hold everything that emerges during this period. That way, you can remain productive despite the distractions.

    Finally, it is important to remember that the best way to fight the coronavirus is by minimizing contact. This will reduce the number of transmissions and eliminate new cases. Where possible, therefore, try to self-isolate and minimise contact with people and surfaces.

    Moreover, be on the lookout for people with fever, cough and other signs of ordinary flu. If you feel sick or you are experiencing these symptoms, visit a healthcare professional immediately for a check-up.
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