• 4 Ways BrightPay Makes Payroll Administration Easier For Beginners Jan 5, 2021
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    Professionals new to the payroll industry might well find themselves overwhelmed and a little lost when it comes time to choose which payroll software that they should use. There is such a vast range of options available today, each with different unique selling points. And for a payroll novice, it can be hard to figure out which one is really best for them.

    Believe it or not, BrightPay has been designed and developed with beginners in mind. We’ve built our multi-award winning software to be incredibly intuitive with various alerts and notifications to remind users to do important tasks that they may have forgotten. So, it’s not much of a surprise that so many payroll professionals and accountants who are new to the business have opted to work with BrightPay.

    In this blog, we’ll explain in more detail how BrightPay is uniquely suited to budding payroll professionals and why we believe that our payroll software is the perfect choice for you.

    Why BrightPay Is Perfect For Payroll Beginners

    It’s all very well and good for us to claim to be the right software choice for you and other professionals beginning their careers in payroll, but you’re probably asking yourself - “how?” Here are four ways that BrightPay really does make payroll administration easier for those who are new to the job.

    Outstanding HMRC payments

    As a payroll administrator, you know that you need to make periodic payments to HMRC. However, these payments can potentially slip your mind completely while you’re busy with other day-to-day tasks if you're not careful. BrightPay Connect, our add-on to the payroll software, is perfectly designed to streamline HMRC payments and ensure you never miss one.

    BrightPay Connect protects you from this by reminding you of what payments need to be made, and when. On the top of your dashboard, in large text, so you won't miss it, will appear your outstanding balance with HMRC and the date of your next payment. If the payment date is close, you’ll also receive notification emails reminding you of this.

    If you’re in a bureau and managing payroll for multiple clients, you’ll also enjoy the same benefits of BrightPay Connect. You can view amounts due to HMRC for each of your clients anytime, anywhere, by logging on to your online dashboard. If the client is responsible for making the payment to HMRC, you can invite your client to their own self-service dashboard where they can view the balance outstanding, a full breakdown of the P30, and a full history of payments made to HMRC. You can also set the client up to receive the automated reminder emails of when the HMRC payment is due.

    Auto-enrolment functionality

    Similar to the HMRC payment reminders, BrightPay will also help you to keep on top of your auto-enrolment duties. Once an employee reaches the age of twenty-two or the required earnings threshold, BrightPay will notify you that they must be enrolled into a pension scheme. When enrolled, BrightPay will prepare the auto-enrolment letter for that employee, which can be printed or emailed from within BrightPay, or added to the employee’s self-service portal.

    To complete their enrolment, with some pension schemes you will need to send an enrolment file to the pension provider containing details of the newly enrolled employee. BrightPay will alert you that you have an outstanding enrolment file that needs to be sent, and thanks to our API integration with the most popular pension providers, you can easily do this from within the payroll software in just a few clicks.

    When you have enrolled the employee, going forward you will be reminded to send a contributions file to the pension provider each pay period. Once again, BrightPay’s integration with pension providers makes this a very simple process - even for beginners.

    API Integration with accounting software

    At BrightPay, we don’t just have API integration with pension providers, but with top accounting software packages too. This means that, rather than having to use your payroll software to process payroll and then go into your accounting software to manually enter the payroll journal into your nominal ledgers, you can do both at once from BrightPay.

    We have payroll journal integration with many of the UK’s most popular accounting software, including but not limited to Twinfield, AccountsIQ, Quickbooks and FreeAgent. This integration means that you can send your payroll journal from BrightPay directly to your accounts system without having to manually copy anything from one to the other. It saves time, effort and reduces the risk of errors - ideal for people who are new to payroll.

    Online Resources

    As well as having all of these built-in functions to the payroll software that make it quite difficult to forget your most important tasks, we’ve also published a wealth of online resources to help you.

    On our website you’ll find a wide selection of webinars which can be watched live or on-demand, video tutorials showing you exactly how to use each of the many features of BrightPay, written guides walking you through functionality processes and downloadable ebooks written by experts. We have a comprehensive FAQ section where you’ll find the answers to most of your questions, and a dedicated customer care team who can offer email and phone support to any customers who need that extra bit of help.

    Book Your Free Demo Today

    There you have it - four ways that BrightPay makes payroll administration easier for beginners. If you’re a beginner, why not book your free demo with the BrightPay team today? We will be able to talk to you about your payroll needs, show you how to get set up with BrightPay, walk you through the features of the software and answer any questions that you may have. We can even set you up with a 60-day free trial so that you can test drive the payroll software before you buy. What are you waiting for?

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