• 4 Tips When Using Webinars to Grow Your Business Jun 22, 2018
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    When you manage a business, it’s critical to provide value to your customers so that you stay in business. Providing value isn’t just beneficial for your customers, it’s essential for boosting your bottom line. If people are buying your products and services it means they value them.

    If you get creative, you can find ways to provide additional value so people become lifelong, loyal customers. You have researched your industry, honed your skills, and created profitable products and services. You are a thought-leader in the field and people will be interested in learning from you — create a webinar to show what you know. If you publish a stellar webinar, you’ll increase brand loyalty, sales, and your email list. Follow these four tips to do just that.

    1. Keep them wanting more: the common webinar meaning is an interactive seminar conducted online. Make your webinar content valuable and interactive to your viewers that they will want to continue to engage with your business. Think of your webinars as short courses or tutorials. Each video should have a lesson and end goal for viewers. Let’s say you run a social media marketing company. You could have one of your webinars be about five ways to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest and another about three advanced tips for using Facebook ads to boost traffic. At the end of a helpful webinar, people will want to find out more about your business and how you can help them. (With a lackluster webinar that feels too self-promotional, people won’t actually make it to the end.) Offer special incentives to people who sign up for your email list after watching the webinar. For example, provide a code that people can use to get an exclusive discount, a 30-minute consulting call, a free e-book, or access to your members-only Facebook group where people share advice.

    2. Promote, promote, promote: Of course, it’s important to promote your webinar on your website and all of your social media channels to increase views. But don’t forget to promote your webinar after-the-fact so you continue to generate new viewers that turn into new customers. Once you have the finished video, publish it on YouTube, Facebook, and your own website and include links to your email newsletter and the same incentives. Consider also promoting your social media posts by creating strategic social media ads. You’ve already put in the work — now it will continue to pay off.

    3. Share the spotlight: It can be tempting to be the only one in the limelight, but it’s advantageous to co-host with other experts in the field. When you have a co-host, you can promote your webinar to both of your social media audiences, newsletter subscribers, and website viewers before and after the webinar. You can also include double the incentives and agree to share any new subscribers to both of your email lists. It can be tricky to constantly come up with new actionable content that resonates with viewers and entices them to give up something that has become sacred — their email inbox — so brainstorm experts and interview them or share your complementary expertise, together.

    4. Turn customers into loyal fans: Webinars enable you to build relationships with your audience and have real-time conversations through a moderated Q&A, private chat, and polls and surveys. Viewers need to enter their name and email to register, so you are already increasing your email list. But, here's the thing, you aren't just getting the emails of someone who wanted one of your freebies at an event. (They will probably take the mug or t-shirt and immediately unsubscribe because they already got what they wanted.) You are getting an email address from someone who already wants to learn about you and your business. When you deliver, you have someone who will be highly engaged and your email open-rate and sales will increase exponentially.
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