• 4 Benefits of Power BI You Need To Know Jan 15, 2018
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    The growth of a business increases the amount of data generated making the management of such data quite hard. This creates a barrier for enterprises that use data to make decisions. This is because the best business decisions ought to be guided by correct data, especially as the business grows. Power BI can come in handy in such situations. However, before you dive headfirst into an implementation read these 5 must-know facts about PowerBI.

    Here are the 4 benefits it brings to your business:

    1.Makes data more accessible

    Power BI is a great way to transform big data into visualizations which are insightful and absorbable at a glance. Additionally, the design of Power BI aligns with various Microsoft software like SQL, or SharePoint documents. You will be able to connect to about 60 software that most businesses use such as Google Analytics, SAP, Salesforce, and MailChimp among others. With such a wide application, it becomes easy to pull data into a central and easy-to-digest dashboard.

    2.Easy to implement

    The implementation of Power BI is easy –you only need to incorporate a few IT or engineering resources. There are also instances where you do not need any IT applications at all. All that your managers will do is have an API key that they can use alongside the Power BI software. In case you already have Microsoft systems such as Office 365, you will find it natural to use this software as it aligns well with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups. In addition, implementation of the Power BI software requires little capital and less extensive training, which makes it highly beneficial for any organization that implements it.

    3.Strong security and access control

    Many organizations use Active Directory (AD) especially if using other Microsoft solutions. Similarly, the access control of Power BI is set via the AD. Nevertheless, the Power BI software is a bit different in its level of security. With its row level security, managers can choose when to grant or rescind access to certain data. Further, automation of the Power BI software makes it easy to restrict access to particular data to specific team members. This makes it easy to enhance confidentially where needed which makes data secure and improves the usefulness of your organization’s reports.

    4.Simple learning curve

    The fact that most people are familiar with a majority of the Microsoft products in use in the organization is an advantage on the use of Power BI. The reason for this is the fact that the majority of these users in the organization will find the Power BI ribbons, as well as several other interface elements quite easy to adopt and use. There are also a number of ideas for Power BI users.

    The benefits of using Power BI in a growing organization are numerous. With its simplicity and compatibility with major Microsoft software, it makes it easy for any user to make use of the Power BI services immediately. Its capacity to export data easily to other systems such as Excel is a great addition.
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