• 3 Tips To Maximise Your Shopify Website Apr 7, 2021
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    Creating an ecommerce site is becoming a more and more common way for people to further their business through online sales. With lockdowns and shop closures for months on end, ecommerce thrived as the need for products withheld despite people having no physical access to them on the high street.

    One ecommerce platform that many people choose to build their site on is Shopify. Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms around due to its various features which sets it apart from the rest such as easy set-up, 24/7 support and its security and reliability.

    However, if you’ve set up your ecommerce site already or are planning to in the future, there are a few extra SEO tips that can help your business thrive.

    Pick a Good Theme

    When it comes to internet transactions, speed is everything. If your products do not load quickly, your pages are slow or your images take time to download, this could be the difference between securing a sale or not. People have not got time to wait around, especially on mobile devices. A new study suggests mobile users now account for 50.3% of all users. A few seconds loading time could be enough to send your potential customer to a competitor. So, what can you do about it?

    Often, people think page speed means complicated coding work and as already mentioned, many choose Shopify for it’s easy set up. However, one thing that can make a real difference is your choice of theme. With over 70 themes, your Shopify site can look pretty much how you want it.

    Picking the right theme is much more important than just looks, however. Unknown by many, the choice of theme also affects the speed as different themes have different speeds.

    We picked out three of the fastest themes so that you can optimise your site and get those customers seeing your products quicker:

    · Create Theme

    · Toy Theme

    · Warm Theme

    These themes are among the fastest available and can also get your site looking great ready for launch!

    Remove Duplicate Pages

    Despite all of its fantastic features, Shopify does have one really nagging issue. Shopify creates two pages for every product. One with the URL: /collections/ and one with the URL: /products/. From a customer experience perspective this doesn’t really have much of an impact, but from an SEO perspective duplicate pages are always detrimental to the site.

    Duplicate pages are a bad thing as you want to drive all of your traffic on to one page and convert your customers there. This one page will be optimised through title tags, h1s, meta descriptions and on page content. There is a chance this optimisation will clash, causing Google to look unfavourable on your pages.

    So how do you fix this?

    Well, quite simply, remove one of the pages. Many people just no index the pages but Google can choose to ignore this and cause further issue, meaning there is no fix to your problem. We recommend removing the /collections/ URLs of your products all together. Google can’t ignore or crawl what physically isn’t there. This then allows you to focus on optimising your /products/ pages going forward and see an increase in results. If you’re worried about removing something you shouldn’t or need help optimising your pages once you’ve done this, MR SEO offers a specialist service in SEO for ecommerce that can help you get your site where you want it to be.

    Use Your SSL Certificate

    Search engines give ‘https://’ websites (i.e., those that use SSL, ‘secure socket layer’) preference over non-secure, ‘http://’ ones in search results. Additionally, internet browsers tend to dislike non-secure websites and display warning messages to people visiting them, damaging your potential customer’s trust in affected sites.

    So, it makes sense if at all possible to ensure your Shopify site is secure, and for this you’ll need an SSL certificate. Here is a handy guide to buying the best SSL certificate if you’re not using Shopify’s built in one.

    Helpfully, Shopify provide these to online store owners as part of their subscription. However, until you check, you may not have noticed that until this point it hasn’t been activated. You can activate this by going to your Shopify dashboard and then to Sales Channels > Online Store > Domains.

    Now your site is looked more favourably on by search engines such as Google and customers who are looking to make secure purchases.

    Overall, getting your Shopify site running is only the first step. Getting it optimised is a whole further task. Use these three simple tips to give yourself a head start and see some quick results.
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