• 27 Awesome Growth Hacks For Businesses To Try Jan 9, 2019
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    “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – James Cash Penney

    Who wants to spend years growing their business slowly but surely when they could zoom ahead of the competition with a few crafty, budget-friendly growth hacking techniques?

    As a business owner, growing your company is one of your top priorities. Furthermore, you also know that it can be challenging. If you lack the huge budget for big marketing campaigns and the time to focus on growth – when there are so many other aspects to manage – we’re here to help and teach you a few tried-and-tested growth hacks for businesses that will help you expand your venture fast.

    In this article, we’ll teach you a few growth hacks for businesses covering:
    1. Growing your audience
    2. Becoming more effective
    3. Retaining customers
    4. Boosting Revenue
    Buckle up because your 27 growth hacks for business are here …

    Growing Your Audience
    Create fun surveys and quizzes that will, certainly, capture emails in the process.
    2. Build relationships by answering readers’ questions and leaving thoughtful comments on popular content (and, also, mentioning your business in the process!).
    3. Use LinkedIn and hunter.io to find email addresses for exactly the right person at companies you’re trying to connect with.
    4. You can also use the Google+ “find people” function by choosing the “find coworkers” tool and putting in the company name. Just bear in mind Google is retiring Google+ next year.
    5. Quote influencers in your field in your content and tag them when you publish – they’re more likely to share it with their followers!
    6. Share any positive reviews that your customers write about you on your social media channels, tagging and thanking them if possible.
    7. Do a ‘daily challenge’ e.g. creating a GIF a day. Obviously, make it something that takes you a few minutes but provides regular, valuable content/tools that keep people coming back to your site or channels.
    8. Try a 4-1-1 approach to social media content: 4 x reposts of other people’s content, tagging influencers/authors, 1 x in-depth piece of original, educational content, 1 x sales-orientated post.
    9. Join professional groups on LinkedIn and engage with conversations/answer questions without pushing your product or service (wait until you have a relationship!).
    10. Create WhatsApp groups so you can give potential customers an easy way to contact you for free (and vice versa).
    11. Launch a referral program to reward existing customers for signing up new ones.

    Becoming More Effective
    Track down journalists who might be interested in your company using this search term in Google+: “site:plus.google.com inurl:about “contributor to” nameofwebsite.com” (e.g. entrepreneur.com).
    13. Use klear or Followerwonk to identify influencers in your field to target, retweet, etc.
    14. Create an explainer video or free course showing people how to use/get more out of your product.
    15. Compress images on your website to get your site to load faster (and, consequently, lower your bounce rate).
    16. Use chatbots to answer common queries.

    Retaining Customers
    Index your app to reactivate users by having results from your app appear at the top of searches.
    18. Provide perks, bonuses and special deals to loyal customers via email.
    19. Analyse touchpoints in your customer’s journey to see where you’re losing or annoying people.
    20. Also, send follow-up emails to people who aren’t using products they’ve paid for to give tips/ask how you can help.
    21. Be polite and helpful when you respond to complaints.
    22. Make a Slack or, similarly, a Facebook group exclusively for Premium members.

    Boosting Revenue
    Pull all your best-written content together in an eBook and while you’re at it, why not sell it online!
    24. Set up Rich Pins so that people can buy your products on Shopify without leaving Pinterest.
    25. Offer a money-back guarantee. These are, certainly, known to boost sales by up to 30%.
    26. Furthermore, reduce the number of product or subscription options available on your site to 3-4 max; hence, preventing customers from getting paralyzed by choice.
    27. Use crowdfunding to push forward new ideas and innovations, even if you don’t have an investment.

    Feeling inspired? Start growth hacking! But, above all, remember: never lose sight of the fact that you’re providing a top service or product for your clients. The moment you seem too selfish, the customers will start falling away.

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