• 2018 Manchester Online Seller Conference - Highlights May 30, 2018
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    “An excellent conference which acted as the motive for me to start selling online with my company Baby Casts & Prints. I attended last year as a guest and this year as a speaker recounting my experiences of the last 12 months.”
    Chris Buckley - Manchester​

    This year's Manchester Online Seller Conference was yet another brilliant, informative and highly attended event. It was held at the UKfast Campus and I am humbled by their support for the third year running.

    We’d like to thank our sponsors Khaoscontrol Cloud, Vdepot and Khoo Commerce who provided us with insightful talks and a wealth of knowledge throughout the event.

    In attendance were over 80 online sellers and businesses, and the talks covered a diverse range of topics including:

    • SEO,

    • PPC,

    • Amazon,

    • Fulfilment,

    • Content Marketing,

    • Sourcing and

    • PR & Branding.
    We’ve received lots of positive feedback again this year, and we will be back next year with another great line up of speakers from the US, Germany and Australia, discussing a variety of current topics.

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    Please find all speaker slide-decks below:

    1 Using technology for your business growth


    Speaker: Jason Thickpenny is a consultant helping businesses streamline their processes to support growth. Supporting the change from a good business into a great enterprise.

    Company: Khaos Control Solutions Ltd

    Website: https://khaoscloud.com

    2 How 3PL’s are changing the retail landscape


    Speaker: Iain Hill is General Manager at Vdepot and is extremely passionate about eCommerce. Having first-hand experience of selling online, Iain is well aware of the problems of a small start up business and aims to help every online business that he comes across.

    Company: Vdepot

    Website: http://vdepot.co.uk/

    3 Sourcing the right products for your retail business


    Speaker: Vicky Powell specialises in the entire sourcing process from Asia; covering product development, finding the right supplier, branding, packaging and shipping.

    Company: RBQ Consultancy

    Website: http://rbqconsultancy.co.uk

    4 Amazon Vendor: What it means to sell wholesale to Amazon


    Speaker: Katherine Khoo manages the eCommerce platforms iPages and Khoo Commerce, supporting numerous multi-channel eCommerce retailers online.

    Company:Khoo Systems Limited

    Website: https://www.khoocommerce.com/

    5 Amazon business growth case study


    Speaker: Chris Buckley is an experienced web designer and current owner of Pixel Kicks who decided to start an online business specialising in casting products

    Company:Baby Casts & Prints

    Website: https://babycastsandprints.co.uk/

    7 GDPR – Don’t Panic (Yet!)


    Speaker: Steve Kuncewicz specialises in intellectual property, media and communications-related issues, working mainly with the creative, digital, technology and advertising sector with a nationally-recognised niche specialism in issues involving social media.


    Website: https://www.blmlaw.com

    8 What questions should you ask your eCommerce agency?


    Speaker: Darren Ratcliffe has almost 20 years industry experience in the digital sector and has been running his own agency for the past 10 years.


    Website: http://digitl.agency

    9 Content marketing for e-commerce: driving customers & improving visibility through content


    Speaker: Stacey MacNaught is a Freelance SEO and Content Marketing Specialist based just outside Manchester. She began writing web copy in 2006 before starting an SEO career with a Manchester agency in 2009. Her 9 years of agency experience saw her progress from an SEO trainee to Head of Search and ultimately Director responsible for the delivery of SEO and content marketing for all agency accounts.

    Company:Stacey MacNaught Ltd

    Website: https://www.staceymacnaught.co.uk

    10 Avoiding suspensions & getting accounts back


    Speaker: Anthony Famularo is a Partner and Managing Attorney at Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. (“Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer), the only law firm in the US that focuses on the needs of Amazon sellers. Anthony has been with the firm since it was founded. As Managing Attorney, he has experience in handling hundreds of cases for Amazon Sellers of all sizes dealing with both buyer and rights owner complaints, as well as other suspension issues.

    Company: Amazonsellerslawyer

    Website: http://www.amazonsellerslawyer.com/

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