• 10 Practical tips to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020 Jan 3, 2020
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    According to a survey done by Smart Insights, over 47% of small business owners lack a documented digital marketing plan. Many do digital marketing activities but don’t have a framework on which to build their marketing program. Digital marketing performed in this way results in the waste of both time and money. Such a haphazard approach to marketing can’t be held accountable for driving revenue to any business.

    The reality is this!

    Before you lift a finger to conduct SEO or Social Media activities, you need a foundation to provide you with strategic direction. Your marketing tasks MUST be weaved into a more extensive program rather than be done in isolation.

    Here are ten tips to get you thinking about the bigger picture.

    Marketing Tip #1: Define your Buyer Persona

    When you create forms to use for your website, use form fields to capture relevant buyer persona information. For instance, you can ask about the size of a company, budget and position in a company.

    Marketing Tip #2: Set your Top-level Goals

    Every marketing campaign should be part of a broader goals-driven framework. You should establish what your company needs to achieve before you jump into marketing tasks.

    Marketing Tip #3: Be Strategic with Timing

    Timing is critical in your marketing outreach. It can add context to your marketing message and reach potential clients at the time when they most need your products and services.

    Marketing Tip #4: Raise Awareness

    Your marketing program has to create awareness of your products and services. Don’t think of the awareness stages as the opportunity to sell. Instead, think of it as a way to initiate a relationship with your prospects.

    Marketing Tip #5: Define your Buyers’ Cycle

    Many business owners aren’t aware of the pathway that convert prospects to customers. Although it may vary, it usually falls into these core areas: awareness, engagement, decision, and retention.

    Marketing Tip #6: Make your Brand Story Formal

    Storytelling is an excellent way to garner attention for your company- regardless of its size. When you formalise your story, you minimise the temptation to publish spur of the moment content that could do more harm than good to your brand.

    Marketing Tip #7: Optimise your Landing Page

    You have six seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Putting what you think on your landing page or website won’t do. You need to identify and meet the need of your visitors and create an appealing offer for them.

    Marketing Tip #8: Decide on a Marketing Budget

    Many small business owners shy away from allocating a marketing budget for their business. Marketing, when done right, is an investment, so once your strategy gains momentum, allocate a budget that will enhance customer acquisition.

    Marketing Tip #9: Utilise Multiple Content Types

    Don’t just publish one type of content for your business. Make use of visuals and videos to separate or complement a large amount of text. This practice will keep your readers engaged for longer, which aid in the relationship-building process.

    Marketing Tip #10: Invest in Quality over Quantity

    Don’t feel pressured to publish content that no one cares about at the expense of quality. Take some time to understand the pressing needs of your audience and use your words to meet those needs.

    Businesses with a marketing program have more clarity than those with a random “shot in the dark” approach. However, many don’t know what it takes to build a reliable program from the ground up. These tips will hopefully help to answer some crucial questions to get you started.

    Help is on the way! If you need CLARITY, Book a 1-1 session and let us point you in the right direction. OR to create a full-blown Digital Marketing Strategy with the support to Implement it, attend our 2-day Masterclass.
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