• 10 of the most ridiculous excuses and expense claims HMRC have received for late tax returns Jan 29, 2020
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    With the 31st of January self-assessment deadline just days away, I thought I’d give you a break from the incessant foretellings of doom about filing your tax returns on time. Let’s have a little laugh instead shall we?

    HMRC have been ruddy good sports and to give us all a giggle they have released a recap of the weirdest, most ridiculous and imaginative excuses and expenses claimed that they have received over the past 10 years from those who had missed the tax deadline.

    Are you ready? Drumroll please, dim the lights. Silence your phones. In reverse order we have:
    • Caravan rental for the Easter weekend

    • I was up a mountain in Wales, and couldn’t find a post box or get an internet signal

    • My dog ate the post… again

    • Claiming £4.50 for sausage and chips meal expenses for 250 days (I see no wrongdoing here)

    • My hamster ate my post

    • I’ve been cruising round the world in my yacht, and only picking up post when I’m on dry land (I mean, same)

    • A music subscription so I can listen to music while I work (essential)

    • Pet food for a Shih Tzu ‘guard dog’ (v. ferocious dog)

    • A DJ was too busy with a party lifestyle – spinning the decks... in a bowls club

    • My mother-in-law is a witch and put a curse on me (#1 for a reason!)
    Wow, let’s all stick the kettle on and practice our serious faces while we ingest all of these exquisite examples of the human race’s ingenuity and try our damndest not to burst out laughing. Needless to say, all the expenses and excuses listed above were unsuccessful. (Except for the mother-in-law being a witch because we’ve all been there, right peeps?!)

    So what do the HMRC say to all this? Well, once they've dried their eyes from laughing so much, their mantra is a simple one: honesty is the best policy! Seriously people, if you think you might miss the deadline then just get in touch with them as soon as you can - the earlier they’re contacted, the earlier they can help. And if you have a genuine excuse then they will happily take it into account if you can back it up with evidence. But, for the love of god, do not say that the dog ate your tax return. Give me strength!

    The penalties for late tax returns range from £100 initial fixed penalty to 5% of the tax owed or £300 (whichever is greater). But let’s not let it get to that, get your big boy pants on and file your tax return in time and if you genuinely can’t then don’t end up on this list (unless it beats #1 in which case, I’m all ears).


    Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software [​IMG]
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