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    A Private Blog Network is a cluster of blog websites owned by the same company or individual, but where each site is hosted on a separate server. They are set up like this so that the owner can control the content and the outbound links on those blogs, and can point them towards their 'money site' (the main website that makes them money).

    Although some people will advise you to steer clear of PBNs, many link-building/SEO providers have their own PBNs and that's what they are effectively selling - outbound links placed on their PBNs. These profitable websites make it clear that they rely on PBNs for their Google rankings: - for sale at over $980k - for sale at over $198k - for sale at over $79k

    Special Offer for UKBF Members/Visitors Only

    We will build you a starter PBN consisting of five blogs, each of which will:
    • be hosted on a separate ip address (important)
    • have our blog software installed to make it easy to add/edit pages
    • come with cpanel control panel and easy install for popular software such as Wordpress etc
    • 1,000 words of (Copyscape) unique content on each website home page (important)
    • have 50 or more established inbound links to it from many different ip addresses (important)

    By way of example, 10 new PBN links should help you rank for a medium competition keyword providing your money site is established, with a good reputation, good SEO structure and is not subject to any Google penalties.

    Cost for this 5 PBN package is £850. Please get in touch by sending me a pm through UKBF.
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