World's first drone mail delivery service tested in Singapore

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    Drones have been a long running feature of many blogs and articles related to eCommerce over the past two years, but for all the writing and speculating, we still don't have delivery drones in the UK. However, we may now be closer than ever before to drone delivery, as Amazon and other retailers have been liaising with the government about how it might work. And now, various news sites are reporting that the world's first drone mail delivery service is being tested in Singapore. So, what are the details of this new test? And what does this mean for drones and ecommerce fulfilment in the future?

    What are the details of this new drone test?

    Carried out in Singapore by Singpost, this was the first drone delivery service in the world tested by a mail company. In the test, a UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle), or drone, was used to deliver a package containing a letter and a t-shirt. It was flown for 2 kilometres before successfully completing its delivery, and the whole of the test took around 5 minutes to complete. For the test, the drone was fitted with a number of safety devices, and used an app which employed various verification methods to ensure that the package was delivered to the intended recipient.

    The main objective of this test was to ascertain whether a drone would be able to successfully complete a delivery of this type, as well as to test safety features built into the UAVs themselves. As far as Dr Bernard Leong, the head of digital service for Singpost, is concerned, the test was a complete success, and he hopes it will "pave the way" for drone deliveries in the near future.

    What does this mean for drones and eCommerce?

    Clearly, a successful test of this kind, especially one carried out by a postal company, is great news for the future of drones and eCommerce. Looking at the UK, which has some of the most favourable drone laws in the world, we can expect companies to be making drone deliveries some time in the next couple of years, but anything sooner than that may be too optimistic.
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