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    When you have relatively large WooCommerce store, additionally with often changing inventory and offers, you might need PDF catalogues of your products, where you present specific or all products and offers. Sharing PDF catalogues can be done physically (in your physical store), through e-mail, different marketplaces for your brand and/or anywhere else where this kind of marketing is suitable.

    If this is the case and is part of your marketing business process, take a look at this WooCommerce plugin which requests nothing additional for you to do on your WooCommerce store except to install plugin.

    Main plugin purpose is to save you of work for every change in your store (based on prices and inventory) since it adapts to new store state and is able to generate catalogues in any moment with couple clicks, where themes, layouts, filtering and sorting is supported. On presentation page are detailed supported features of plugin, example video, generated PDF examples and Usage Manual.

    Product name is: Gradient Catalogue Maker.

    If you are interested or need any additional information, feel free to contact us in PM.
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