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Feb 15, 2013
hi all, ok i have been looking through this site and found that legally i know i am owed money for time worked but...

started with a company 13 weeks ago on a probationary period. now for reasons still unknown he has decided not to take me on after the probationary period (13 weeks), fair enough, his choice. now he gave me 1 weeks notice but i had already booked a day off on the Wednesday and decided Tuesday night after not hearing from the boss about work Thursday, that would be my last day and i finished there and then.

now he has total'd up my last wages and has come back to me saying that for the last 12 weeks i have been payed to much per hour and has worked out that my total over pay is about my final wage, and so he is with holding it.
I had no letter saying about my employment start date, that it was probationary nor what the wages where, we agreed in the interview what it would be. There was 2 others who started 2 weeks before me and are on the same rate as we agreed in the interview.

so where do i stand? i do remember what we agreed wage.

tbh the job was great but the boss was a bit too much of a hot head for my liking so when he said i would be finishing i was fine with that but i won't be taken for a fool which was what was happening.

thanks in advance
Not open for further replies.

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