Wine Importing from France

Discussion in 'International Business' started by PeterOD, Nov 15, 2018.

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    Hi folks, new to the Forum.
    I currently live in South-West France and have built up a good relationship with local vineyards who produce fantastic wines. I am returning to the UK at the end of the year with the aim to recruit some clients.
    All being well I would like to import wine to the UK in the new year. It's the business side of things that is confusing and I'm hoping that some of you have experience/expertise in this type of enterprise. Must I have a business set up here (in France) as well as registered in the UK to import wines?
    Any help with the intricacies of this is greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,
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    I don't think so at the moment. After Brexit who knows.

    Official government advice on importing alcohol is here.
    Posted: Nov 16, 2018 By: Scalloway Member since: Jun 6, 2010
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    Hi Peter,

    We store and order process lots of alcohol from the EU and beyond. PM me your contact details and I'm happy to guide you through the processes.
    Posted: Dec 4, 2018 By: [email protected] Member since: Jun 30, 2008
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    How's it going? Where will you be based in the U.K? Welcome to the world of wine! Have there been any major developments? Are you shipping yet?
    Posted: Jan 17, 2019 By: Carousel Wines Member since: Aug 9, 2017
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    did you started, maybe I can by some for polish market
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