Who Do I Call?

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    You are clearly well north of Watford, however, regional pricing is irrelevant.

    I once done some sign work for a couple of Blockbuster Video shops that were being refurbished.
    In one, an old antiques shop, they'd removed a fireplace and chimney breast, either side of which was some 1950's(?) wallpaper. They blocked the flue, battened the wall, surface mounted the electric cable and covered the lot with shelving wallboards. They didn't strip the wallpaper, plaster the wall and paint it because they didn't need to. It was being covered up!

    PS: To give you some idea of the price differential down here. We have a small en-suite off of one of our bedrooms. It's 8' wide x 3ft, shower to the left, basin in the middle, WC to the right. A bit of remedial work to do, plastering, spots in ceiling, lower shower tray etc., First quote £4,800! (£2k for fittings)
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    That's the cost of imported lager, shocking what a spread wants to be able to drink that stuff!
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    Manchester ;)

    Blockbusters were well known for buggering up buildings... ;)

    1950's Wallpaper... was the building listed?! :D :D

    I'd want that en-suite in gold at that price! ;)
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    I would call first an architect who has experience in producing plans for shops, and then, get in touch with a shop fitter with a good reputation. Probably the architect would be able to recommend a good one.
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