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  1. Jacky Nikson

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    What was wrong with Magento? Tell please more about your experience with Magento
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    You should understand that using Shopify, you cannot add more functionality than Shopify allows, no design or front-end customizations. It means that your website will look more or less the same as other Shopify store.
    Plus, if you need a lot of plugins/apps or third-party providers, bear in mind that the website will require optimization for every piece of the website working properly.

    If it's okay for you, let it be. So, you can try to create the Shopify website on your own or create and then hire a professional development team, who will quickly fill it with apps, customize it as much as possible, and make it work fast.

    Think also of WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. It contains pre-installed payment gateways, data control, a multifunctional shopping cart, and the ability to set up extensions for any purpose you may have. WooC. has millions of users. This e-commerce solution stands somewhere between Shopify and Magento: it's simpler than Magento, more easy-to-use, allows more customizations than Shopify but less than Magento. It has a lot of plugins to install and extend your website's functionality. Plus, you don't need to close your existing website, just install WooCommerce plugin. After that, you can set all configurations and plugins on your own or hire a development team who will make everything for you.
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    After a recent experience with big commerce I have stumbled across duda it uses ecwid integration for store elements even with bc destroying all data I have rebuilt in a matter of days yes a lot of work is still needed but at least I could rip the landing pages from search console and get some form of relevant content at the end of a 301 redirect but duda has really impressed me control of elements is good ability to see html elements to check meta tags schema tags etc not a massive apps catalogue but a html widget can be placed on page for easy insertion and placement of third party integrations I simply do not trust big box self build systems anymore in my eyes at least they only want to sell you more via third party apps for instance schema data as standard on bc there is little issues in the tags and always tends to be a single element of a set however they do sell an app that sorts it with duda straight off all structured data is present in search console no highlighter tool just done straightaway
    I'm not endorsing or performing any affiliate activities just giving you my observations
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    WooCommerce is extremely popular and offers an abundance of different themes/plugins and a large community base to support it. If you can work with WordPress this should be a good option for your requirements.

    Happy to put forward some developer contacts if you are keen to speak with anyone and get a quote (drop me a PM).
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    Hi! If you tried Shopify and Magento and was not happy with either, why don't you try PrestaShop? This is a solid basic solution with enough features to run an online store and even sell globally. Also, it is free and open-source, so it will require more knowledge and skill investments instead of money investments.
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    I guess Shopify is ideal for all types, you just need to be knowledgeable enough to work it out.
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    You cannot customise Shopify as a lot of features are locked down so I wouldn't say it is ideal for all types. Alex
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    It depends what you want.

    Almost all the web stuff I do uses Django. That is because most of my clients want custom functionality (not just a custom design, but what it actually does). It takes more work initially, but tends to be more productive to run (because its tuned to your products and the admin is customisable to suit you) and very flexible.

    In defence of Shopify it has REST API and you can create your own templates so its pretty flexible as platforms go.
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