Where to go after Magento?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by sweetshop, May 16, 2019.

  1. Pish_Pash

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    Yep, that too. I'm also very keen to directly access the cart database from MS Access ...Opencart never even had a database schema, whereas prestashop has a comprehensive/complete database schema published.

    The difference between Prestashop & Opencart is night & day (from a "Hmm, I need to know how to do..." perspective), which is important if you're a one man band.
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  2. Cube Digital

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    Why are you wanting to move from Magento? It is a decent platform and not at end of life. Yes, it is a little more difficult to manage, but wherever you go next will have a learning curve.

    One of the problems I run into is that Shopify is difficult to fully customise.

    Where does your traffic come from? Is it all ads, organic, social?

    I see too many sites lose everything when the changeover is not done well if most of the converting traffic is coming from Google.
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  3. antropy

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    £10 a month for how many sites?
    Posted: May 21, 2019 By: antropy Member since: Aug 2, 2010
  4. Jacky Nikson

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    Hello! I understand why you want to go from Magento. This CMS is quite complicated for websites which don't require a lot of customizations. I advise you to think of the Shopify platform. Its development will be easier and will cost less than Magento. Plus, it's a completely hosted platform. Shopify has more pre-made themes - it won't require much customization.
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    Its with a company called Krystal and its for Unlimited sites and bandwidth. They also have cheaper options for less sites.
    Not had a single problem with them. Not sure who but it was someone here who recommended them.

    I'm sure there will be better and someone will say why not to use them but at that price i cant fault them. Quick response to issues i had (own making).
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    I used Magento for 7 years and I ended up learning all the installation, fixing issues, adding apps etc as I was fed up with coders. I've changed to Shopify about two years ago, since then I feel I can breath again! it's so much for more effective, easy, does more than Magento and takes a lot of hassle away that was coming with Magento. Shopify is highly recommended!
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  7. Liquidshop ecommerce

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    If you already are familiar with Magento, why change. Sure Magento 1 is reaching end-of-life from a support point-of-view. But there is an easy enough upgrade/migration path to Magento 2.x.

    As some have mentioned depends on the customisations you have and extensions, but if you are looking to make life simple, cutting back on the customisations and extensions will make for a more stable store and less hassle to manage.

    By the sounds of it you are looking for a stress free solution so you can focus on family and not have to re-learn store admin. Just find a provider who will provide a smooth and not so costly upgrade to your existing store.

    Going low cost looks appealing, but in my experience puts more work on your shoulders and can bite you on the ass down the road. So you need to get the balance right, the main thing is a solution that gives you the tools you need to run your business without sucking too much of your time away. Just talk to the right dev company for this.

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  8. AndrewJhnsn333

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    Moving from Magento to Shopify seems to be not the best decision, especially when we are talking about 4000 SKUs and various types of products. Shopify is a great platform to start your ecommerce business, but it won’t fit you now.
    Why don’t you think about updating your Magento platform? Magento 2 version is fast, secure and it is easier to manage in comparison with the first edition. There are plenty of extensions for Magento 2 and with an experienced developer, you can always customize your store and add all the features you are looking for.
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    You think 4000 products are bad I have over 1 million on my Magento 1.9 sites. It's a pretty basic site though with a tiny bit of custom modifications to the up sell bloc. And a few choice plugins.

    I've started saving for the move to Magento 2 or if someone can suggest an alternative I'd look at that too
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  10. Jacky Nikson

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    The Magento CMS is quite complicated for websites which don't require a lot of customizations. I recommend moving to the Shopify platform. Its development will be easier and will cost less than Magento. Plus, it's a completely hosted platform. Shopify has more pre-made themes - it won't require much customization.
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  11. edmondscommerce

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    @Sparetoolparts you should find M2 handles massive catalogues a lot better than M1 does, for our large catalogue clients we did some extensive testing and found that some features start to creak when the catalogue size gets huge, but generally it stands up to it pretty well
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  12. Darkterror

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    10k pounds for the new website is simply something out of the imagination when it will be based on WooCommerece, what that price will include ? Importing all data into new one ? OpenCart is really good for big stores, customisation is not good but it fast as damn here.
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    We went from Magento to Shopify at the start of April. Sounds like I was in the same sort of boat as the original poster. Magento served our purpose for 8-9 years but I was reliant on others when problems arose and I was fighting a losing battle trying to set up a M2 store.

    We changed to Shopify and it has been a dream to be honest. I set it all up myself, i'd say it took 2-3 weeks and it is our performing our old Magento store.

    Sure, we have had to make one or two compromises here and there but I now have a website that I can control everything but further to this, every else in the business is able to use... the simplicity has made this possible.
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  14. waiz

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    I have been using some platforms, Yes number 1 should be now Woo, alternates which i have used are PrestaShop, its not that difficult, and gives freedom like Magento, please check
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  15. daniel75

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    You can migrate your website on BigCommerce
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  16. EddyRock

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    I will recommend you choose WooCommerce too. There's only one problem: WooCommerce does not support Bundle product type, so you have to change the Bundle products to Grouped products in Woo store.

    £5k for a WooCommerce store is too much. You just need to pay:
    • $100 for moving data to WooCommerce: use Ecommerce migration service provided by Next-Cart, they will take care of everything for you with only $100.
    • $200-$500 for designing it: download free theme and plugins. Hire a developer to customize it. You don't need to buy theme at themforest.
    • $200 annual fee for hosting and SSL: I suggest you choose VPS ($10-$20/month) for your store and Let's Encrypt SSL (free).
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