When are advertising expenses deducted?

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    Hello all, this may be a strange question but I can't seem to wrap my head around this one.

    Using a hypothetical example: a Limited company spending £1000 on Facebook ads which results £3000 in sales. Lets also assume there is a 50% gross margin.

    Which scenario below is correct, if either of them are?

    a) £3000 sales minus the £1000 advertising expense = £2000.
    And then £2000 x 50% margin = gross profit of £1000


    b) £3000 sales x 50% gross margin = £1500.
    Then £1500 sales minus the £1000 advertising expense
    Which would leave gross profit of £500

    At what stage are advertising expenses claimable/deducted from tax liability?

    Hope this makes sense!
    Many thanks
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    Advertising expenses do not normally get deducted from your gross margin... they are normally analysed in admin costs...
    what are you selling?
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    Advertising can go on through the year and may not be known exactly what any one amount of money spent has led to what items sold.

    You advertise on facebook and 6 months later I buy from your website. How do you figure the ad was responsible when there's nothing linking?
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    Accounts for a limited company have to be prepared using what's called the accruals basis so they include all expenses incurred, including advertising costs, in the accounting period they relate to. If you have an invoice dated in the accounting period and the costs invoiced relate to that period they are included regardless of when they are paid.

    As someone else mentioned advertising costs are generally overhead costs which reduce net, not gross, profit.
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