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  1. redigo.

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    I am being encouraged almost on a weekly basis at a networking event and from a couple of my clients to introduce WhatsApp in my business - I am yet to be convinced whether it is worth it

    Obviously the quickness of responding to questions, sharing files and video's etc would be the big advantage.

    Has anyone introduced this in their business, and has it benefited you in your sales/customer service ?
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  2. tony84

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    I have whatsapp on my phone and computer.
    I do not start conversations with customers on whatsapp, but if they use it I use it. It is quite handy for sending documents and surprisingly is more secure than email as it is encrypted end to end. I am not sure where it fits in with GDPR however and storing data on EU servers. But as I do not send document (only receive them) over whatsapp, I do not need to worry.

    If you can have it, why not? If customers want to use it, it just makes you a little easier to deal with for them.

    I wouldnt say a lot of our customers use it, nor would I say it is a deal breaker to customers. So I dont think it is as important as other people seem to be making out to you.
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  3. HouseSnagging.com

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    When PayPal first started I felt having on a website made it look less professional with the PayPal button, but know it’s common place and in a lot of cases the easiest way to pay, so perhaps in a few years whatsapp will be one of the most common forms of support / interaction
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  4. menetworkjadaltd

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    Just dont send naughty pics
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  5. billybob99

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    Been using it since it was released - it depends on your business and the areas you serve.

    I've noticed its used solely by potential clients who are enquiring and are based overseas.
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    JEREMY HAWKE UKBF Legend Full Member

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    Im not sure why you even bother .:eek::)
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    You mean the bloke in Ghana that asks you to send it via DHL and will pay cash when it is delivered :)
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  8. apricot

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    I use whats app to contact my suppliers and video conference if necessary . When the supplier needs to contact me for any color changes on the product or size etc, they instantly contact me via whatsapp.

    I had to use several times for overseas customers as well. I don't speak Germany and I can write using Google translate so I answered questions on whats app using Google Translate. I don't see any issue why it would be unprofessional as long as you solve the problems!

    I quite like the 'search' feature and 'starred messages' featured on whatsapp too. I can easily go back important chats whenever I needed.

    It is free, instant sharing, secure, available both on phone and desktop and I don't see any reason why one would not use it?
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  9. Ashley_Price

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    Go with what your customers or prospects want. Why restrict the ways a potential customer could contact you through?

    For example, when I had the call answering service, one of our clients would contact us through Twitter DM to let us know her movements that day, so we knew how to answer her calls. Before we had been hired by her, I didn't have a Twitter account. We also got another client through a conversation on Twitter.
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  10. billybob99

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    Although that might be the norm in your industry, WhatsApp can be used within blog posts and content as a call to action to get in touch and a lot of leads from USA, Dubia etc. have been coming thru from LinkedIn content.

    When I gave the garden a spruce up I had a ton of rubbish I needed to get rid of, the first 2 companies I found had a website with a contact form only - the 3rd one had a WhatsApp call to action, and I just had to snap a picture of the rubbish.

    Got a quote back in 2 mins saying he is just down the road and will be over to collect, deal done.

    I know a lot of companies who have been using the personal version of WhatsApp for years by simply creating a group and adding employees, its nothing new really.
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    JEREMY HAWKE UKBF Legend Full Member

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    If they don't have access to a phone an email they probably don't have the funds to pay us
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  12. Root 66 Woodshop

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    We use it for customers to send images of their locks, safes, keys etc. so that we can see exactly what we're coming up against before they even get here or before we get to them.

    Quite a useful tool for specific trades... I wouldn't say it was useful to all businesses though...
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  13. Alan

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    The title says WhatsApp FOR Business

    you then say

    Are we talking about using the "WhatsApp Business App" and creating a business profile or using a personal WhatsApp in a business.

    Just seeking clarity as it isn't something I have thought about and when researching seems there are different approaches.
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  14. Phil Elvin

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    We've just started using the Whats App Business App and it's a nice additional tool to communicate and send images to customers very quickly.

    Haven't worked out if there are any marketing opportunities on it yet but it's certainly proved handy on a couple of occasions for us so far.
    Posted: Oct 17, 2018 By: Phil Elvin Member since: Jun 2, 2016
  15. consultant

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    Your clients are asking to contact you by a free method - why wouldn't you do it?
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  16. Wood Flooring Guy

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    i use it in my personal life and also we use it for work, it saves having to pick up a phone or attached something to an email..... i would have to say, yes....its very useful..... you can bang of a quick text message or even a voice message/recording.

    Give it a try, i think any business will be surprised at how handy it is.

    Note* we dont use it for customers or sales in any way, i think that needs to be more formal.
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    Posted: Oct 17, 2018 By: Wood Flooring Guy Member since: Jun 21, 2017