whats squashing your dreams?

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Lasting Designs

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Aug 10, 2007
Isle of Wight
Now the ones I'm having trouble getting my head around:

6) Lack of companies willing to bite the bullet - takes a lot of doing, but need to educate people and change the way they think about the work we do

Why not produce a short demo peice of work, demonstrating how you can help business, pop onto DVD and let it become your CV. You need to tell business how you can improve their out-look, most of the time they look at the obvious, your different, you need to show them.

7) Lack of cashflow - once I sort the above, cashflow comes from the work that's coming in.

Also answered above, you need to display your talents, get to a trade fair, network event or heavens above, go onto the street and see if the domestic customer could use your service.

8) The industry we're in - never going to change it by ourselves. Change comes very slow, if at all, so best to go with the flow for a bit

Little people do change the world, if its good enough, then people will go for it! Word of caution, if you are able to generate a decent level of interest, you will be copied...

9) Being in Wales - hostile environment for SME's at the moment, possibly considering a move across the border further on down the line

Find a way of making it advantagous, it my not be ideal, but its what you have.

10) Being in the UK - will move away in the long term

Okay, thats your long term goal, blitz the british market first, you have a unique product, the british are the inventors of the world, the rest copy and improve. Be the pioneer who changes the way business use media in some way, there's your challenge. It will all start with No.6

I hope that this is helpful.
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Matt Quinn

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Aug 5, 2007
Things that have held/continue to hold me back?

1) Lack of cashflow

...Fair enough; but you should take deposits up front to cover expenses and maybe seek the advice of an accountant.

2) The type on industry I'm in

Baffled by this one! In the 21 years since I struck out on my own I've been happy and always worked. I know of no competent, legitimately trained professional who has a problem with this. Over the past seven years I've tutored many students; most find work, make livings.. It's a growing and buoyant industry!

3) Being in the UK

Again, never found this an issue myself. I've worked in other countries and the grass is usually LESS green for those with talent.

4) Being in Wales!

Nice place Wales. Full of nice people, lots of businesses, lovely places to live and visit... Yes; there IS a lot of work in London.... And 500 miles has never prevented me from getting it!

5) Lack of government support

Started my company business 21 years ago at the age of 24 from a council flat in one of the most deprived housing estates in Europe. Never had a penny in government aid. Didn't have parents or anyone else to bankroll me. Didn't expect it, didn't ask for it. Never had a handout from anyone... The government are modern day robber-barons; why would they support the likes of us?

6) Lack of companies willing to bite the bullet and invest in something new

What's new? The first corporate video (and no matter how you dress it up that's what it is) I ever worked on was in June 1979; my first day at work at Strathclyde University, we were making a programme for Scottish Amicable.... One of my gaffers at Thames had cut HIS teeth with the Film Unit at Butlins back in the 1960's...

A LOT of people have been stung by half-assed amateurs in the past. And there is one particular pseudo-professional 'institution' who's very existence with its sham qualifications etc. which has given the low-cost end of the market a bad reputation. But if your showreel is GOOD, and your pricing strategy strong and you're properly equipped (professionally as well as in terms of kit) to get the job done there is plenty of good paying work out there!

7) Poor time management!

Surely whatever college course you attended to qualify you to do this sort of work had time management at the core of its syllabus? I suspect you're dealing with this issue already as you've recognised it; which is good. Many don't!

8) Ill health

My sympathies; this is one thing you can't legislate for. I hope your recovery is swift and thorough...

9) Stress

Yup! That'll happen! Being unwell doesn't help I know.

10) Idiots (I always seem to find them, sometimes without trying!)

Don't suffer them. People worth dealing with aren't full of spin and BS! They don't talk in riddles, don't dodge questions, have no problem putting their names to their own ideas and are generally quite straightforward to deal with. If it looks like BS, smells like BS and makes a noise like BS then it probably is!

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hi there,

thought i'd try a bit of research on here!

there are many things that stop people achieving the life that they want.

my question is whats stopping you or been the hardest thing to get over to achieve what you want - ie. cashflow, negativity, action, family.

steve doyle

For me the biggest hold up, religious quackery. I was born 3rd generation into an American cult which exists over here. They pretty much banned everything including gaining a good education and university. It's held me back in life by a huge amount, because I've never had the qualifications to get the ideal career and employers never understood why I didn't have any qualifications to back up my intelligent mind, so I was always forced into lower paid menial jobs, which is just what the 'borg' liked of it's members.

Years later I broke free from the 'borg' this odd religious outfit, in doing so lost all my family and everyone I had always known within it, cast out in to the big wide world to fend on my own.

The journey has been rather interesting, with plenty of ups and downs.

I'm still fighting on, doing my best and just hope that with all the effort put in, one day my dreams may pay off, eventually with the goal of buying my own house. If that happens, I think I'll be in heaven.
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