What type of person are you? Quiz

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    Needs a lot more depth most the answers didn't apply to me
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    Many years ago I worked at a marketing research company. Of cource we provided qualitative marketing research services.
    Every project started from understanding an audience. The next step was to find a psychologist who has an experience in the specific field. For example, we need to know how poor people responce to a quality service. So, a psychologist need to have some experience of "poor people behaviour". Then we created a questionnaire that includes many types of questions to exclude people who just clicked anything :) Also we hire moderators. 20 years ago only two persons in Ukraine can moderate such marketing research projects.
    I just want to say that psychological tests are really complex. But it is the interesting quiz that can help people to be interested in self-discovery.
    For marketing purposes... there is a lot of factors which influence the behaviour of buyers. Also this behaviour depends on the cultural, demographic, social factors, experience and knowledge about a product or service. For example, I know nothing about how to buy a tea. So, I will take a decision on the basis of the cultural factors (in a tea shop) or my experience (in a grocer or supermarket).
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    The first question has nervous spelt wrong (there is no 'i' in nervous. As each page took a good 10 seconds to load I didn't bother.
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