What is this Fire and Re-Hire business

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    Asda has an equal pay claimcomparing the (mainly) women shop floor staff with the (mainly) men distribution staff. Asda argued all the way to the Supreme Court that they could not be compared as they work in different establishments. They lost at every level, so the claim is going ahead and will be costly. The other supermarkets have similar claims against them, but not so advanced. I haven't looked at the Clarks position, but if distribution staff (warehouse, not drivers) are having their pay cut to equalise with shopfloor workers, it may have been caused by that and would probably be a valid reason. However Clarks would still have to deal with claims going back over the last 6 years.
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    That was the 1st thing I thought about when I read it was only a few workers in a distribution centre and not all Clarks employees.

    Probably trying to pre-empt problems
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    I don't think the investors really care. I've worked for a company that had millions pumped in to it, the focus was sales at all costs, market share and dominance. Staff are numbers, they're replaceable. You might not get the same quality but the investors don't even know who the staff are anyway, they've never met them, they have no interest in HR, they just pump £20 million in and then put their hands out a year later demanding some returns.

    When you sell part of your company to an investment group, they have absolutely zero interest in the history of the company or the happiness of the workforce. They want to see pounds and dollars falling in to their accounts all day, if people have to be sacked to make more money, so be it. They will milk the cow until it falls down.
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