What is Mark Bowness up to now? Rock Control

Discussion in 'General Business Forum' started by gogojonny, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. gogojonny

    gogojonny UKBF Contributor

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    I try to keep tracks of the latest goings on in the business world. Today I discovered Mark Bowness' new project is Rockcontrol.com.

    Now this is the guy who came up with Tribewanted.com then left the project.

    I remember when he pitched for £5,000 to set up Liverpool Culture Cafe (panel of Tim Campbell, Emily Eavis and Peter Jones) and won (I actually voted for him online). Subsequently no sign of the project.

    He then set up thenerve.tv inviting people to spend money on becoming members and developing TV shows.

    He then set up 'Hijack Five' trying to use YouTube to get Channel 5 to give up one hour of prime time TV.

    Now it is Rock Central. How long will this last?

    What has happened to all the past projects? Has anybody got anything out of them?

    As someone who been involved with UnLtd I find it really frustrating that money has been won but there is no sign of anything from it. Maybe I'm wrong and something has been done, would be interested to know.
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    Posted: Aug 25, 2010 By: gogojonny Member since: May 30, 2007
  2. gogojonny

    gogojonny UKBF Contributor

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    Seems like a mystery!
    Posted: Aug 25, 2010 By: gogojonny Member since: May 30, 2007
  3. LeonReed

    LeonReed UKBF Newcomer

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    I was involved with the nervetv and know a lot of other people who were involved and made investments. To my knowledge no one involved has ever seen a penny of the money invested. No one has ever seen any shares in the company they were promised no one has ever seen any accounts and no one except Mr Bowness knows anything about what happened and were the money went.

    Very simple piece of advice when dealing with people.....google is your friend.

    With regards RockControl its an old idea just being relaunched as it failed the first time.

    Posted: Aug 31, 2010 By: LeonReed Member since: Dec 19, 2007
  4. garyk

    garyk UKBF Legend

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    never heard of him or any of these projects..PR is working well!
    Posted: Aug 31, 2010 By: garyk Member since: Jun 14, 2006
  5. gogojonny

    gogojonny UKBF Contributor

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    Is anything being done about this guy?

    When Tribewanted was in the news there was an article about him being a con man. That could be why he left the project. He has a history of setting up websites, closing them and then starting a new project. I think people have concluded that he is not a con man, just very impatient and naiive.

    The Liverpool Culture Cafe project really does infuriate me though. To pitch for that money and not do anything is just a joke.
    Posted: Aug 31, 2010 By: gogojonny Member since: May 30, 2007
  6. An Oasis

    An Oasis UKBF Legend

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    Could be he's a self-obsessed flake? I've parted company from his schemes, total waste of space but he does self promotion very well, you can't take that away from him...shame it only benefits him!?
    Posted: Aug 31, 2010 By: An Oasis Member since: Oct 3, 2006
  7. LeonReed

    LeonReed UKBF Newcomer

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    The best course of action in my opinion is to give people the directions in which to educate themselves about this individual. We have in no particular order:

    VIP Band Manager
    The Culture Cafe
    The Nerve TV
    Dont Buy This Man A Pint
    High-jack Channel 5
    Rock Control

    The information regarding these can easily be found on the web as can lots of people with previous dealings. If you get involved and invest time,effort or money you really do only have yourself to blame.
    Posted: Aug 31, 2010 By: LeonReed Member since: Dec 19, 2007
  8. hippynmagic

    hippynmagic UKBF Newcomer

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    Because of my RATM to No.1 and Save BBC 6Music campaigns, I was approached on a few occasions to front 'Rock Control' to help with giving it some "credibility" and did actually meet up with the 'team'. They were pleasant to talk to yet for obvious reasons I didn't want to accept their offer before having a think about it. Mark then send a derogatory email about me to his colleague explaining how he felt I'd be too much of a live wire with the media and that they should do all the media interviews (I'd just been on every TV news network in the land but hey what would I know!). For some bizarre reason he decided to cc me into this email so I got to read its contents myself.
    Suffice to say I ran a mile whilst dodging the umpteen emails of empty apology and for me to reconsider. He even had the nerve to message me a while later asking to advertise Rock Control on my 1.1million-strong facebook group.

    The notion of manufacturing a pop group is pretty normal (eg. Girls Aloud), but to manufacture a rock band, and one that will gel together to gain a "Global No.1" is just pie in the sky. It's bloody hard getting an established rock band to No.1 in one country trust me...but to do it around the world with a bunch of unknowns? If it happens I'll walk to the Metal Hammer office in a thong for a photoshoot with this amazing 'band'...
    Posted: Sep 10, 2010 By: hippynmagic Member since: Sep 10, 2010
  9. jamesmd

    jamesmd UKBF Newcomer

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    first prize of unlimited smilies goes to the first person to find his dating blog, that was all about finding the perfect man for him...
    Posted: Sep 10, 2010 By: jamesmd Member since: May 4, 2010
  10. BownessWatch

    BownessWatch UKBF Newcomer

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    We have been watching too.

    Look at www (dot) bownesswatch (dot) org (dot) uk

    Bowness Watch
    Posted: Sep 14, 2010 By: BownessWatch Member since: Sep 14, 2010
  11. swanny321

    swanny321 Guest

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    I'll hold you to that, ha ha !!!

    paul swanton Rock Control Vocalist audition-er
    Posted: Oct 4, 2010 By: swanny321 Member since: Oct 4, 2010
  12. LeonReed

    LeonReed UKBF Newcomer

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    Just an update as Mr Bowness is up to his old tricks again.

    Launched a new website selling tee shirts with ' Some Start Ups Fail. Get Over It ' .

    Should probably have added ' My Start Ups Cost Other People Money Which I Never Return ' .

    Any way beware his last venture has probably gone under so hes after some quick cash.

    Posted: Mar 10, 2011 By: LeonReed Member since: Dec 19, 2007
  13. 10 Yetis

    10 Yetis UKBF Ace

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    Hola UKBF'ers,

    Someone just brought this thread to my attention as we did PR for several of the above named projects.

    As I still know many people on here (I still lurk, I just don't post that much) I wanted to let you know that if you have any questions about our involvement, fire away.

    Thank you please.

    Posted: Jul 13, 2011 By: 10 Yetis Member since: Nov 3, 2004
  14. Alanl

    Alanl UKBF Newcomer

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    If this is the same person your talking about this is the next move bigbritishgiveaway com I got a news letter today from these guys

    Let me know if I am correct

    Posted: Dec 2, 2011 By: Alanl Member since: Jun 13, 2008
  15. vvaannmmaann

    vvaannmmaann UKBF Legend

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    Posted: Dec 2, 2011 By: vvaannmmaann Member since: Nov 6, 2007
  16. Alanl

    Alanl UKBF Newcomer

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    Best thing to do is get the word out if true I am waiting on a response now
    Posted: Dec 2, 2011 By: Alanl Member since: Jun 13, 2008
  17. Moneyman

    Moneyman UKBF Legend

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    Me too i invested a bit in the actual nerve.tv as a fun punt. I dont know what the heck he is upto now.
    The company was an interesting idea and had some merits as a sort of social group. he was doing one thing then nipped off in another direction. I told him to stop asking people to put up money when he had other plans and he wouldnt listen. One moment he needed cash for the website and then he said he had put down a deposit on an australian tv channel on the end of the freeview box down under. He was very good with publicity but just could never get anything done before a new idea popped up.
    he just takes funds and spends them and onto the next idea. he never seems to finish the start of a project so you never actually get a product.
    Posted: Dec 3, 2011 By: Moneyman Member since: May 3, 2008
  18. Alanl

    Alanl UKBF Newcomer

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    If that is the case and the more I look into this person he is committing fraud and you or anyone that has been giving this person any money should go to the police.

    They sit in front of a computer screen and think they can do what they want
    Thanks for you response

    Posted: Dec 4, 2011 By: Alanl Member since: Jun 13, 2008
  19. Moneyman

    Moneyman UKBF Legend

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    Possibly. but it just goes to show that ideas are a penny a dozen and i wouldnt pay anyone ever for an idea. 99% of the worth is the application.

    It aint what you do it's the way that you do it
    Posted: Dec 4, 2011 By: Moneyman Member since: May 3, 2008
  20. thomasengine

    thomasengine UKBF Newcomer

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    he is up to it again check out the life change revolution. He lives in Melbourne asking for money off people to help change their lives
    Posted: Aug 29, 2014 By: thomasengine Member since: Aug 29, 2014
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