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    Hi All

    Just a quick intro here and many thanks for reading.
    Especially looking forward to working or networking with local businesses and individuals.

    Outsourced telemarketing is fast evolving in to a genuine alternative to a traditional in house sales team.
    We firmly believe that if we offer the right model that adapts and synergises with your current model then outsourced telemarketing is the perfect addition or replacement for a tired and or expensive team in house.

    We are lead generation experts here and have all come to this point as a result of our success for other positions where we have increased sales and the capacity of such by being innovative and driven by results and therefore the only logical step was to create a team here and form an elite team of staff that will represent and win business for you and your business.
    We like to be seen as an extension of your business and therefore, yes we are outsourced telemarketing staff but we are also your staff whilst we work on your behalf.

    We only charge on a results basis, striving to enhance value and break traditional codes of expensive and often fruitless day rates but never straying from your brief and individual company requirements. We offer a pay on results basis which instills confidence with our clients as of course the financial risk is minimal due to the fact that if we don’t generate business for you, then you don’t pay us; that simple!

    We are a unique model and offer you the perfect solution for outsourced telemarketing and we would like to be your extra sales team without the drawbacks or various difficulties that you face recruiting such, as this can be a project in itself.

    We are more than lead generation experts, this is a minimum requirement of ability when we recruit talent and is non negotiable just the same as the conveyance of your brand and its reputation and we will represent you the way you would want to be represented as we are well aware reputation is everything to the end user or client, results are everything when generating business and that is embedded in our whole ethic and approach to outsourced telemarketing, in house sales and indeed any other way that is used to generate business and drive it forward.

    I always will be available to talk or communicate directly about our outsourced telemarketing services and everything else we can offer that will benefit you and not just feature in our proposals.
    More importantly your own business model is the most important and if we can't or don't understand this then we expect the question "how can you help me?"
    From there we can establish the best way that we can assist you once we understand your aims and goals but also to consult and advise based on our experience and outsourced telemarketing campaigns that offer an insight in to generating business for you with adapted approaches and implementations that fit in your business, not a business.

    Many thanks for taking the time to have read our model and ethic explanation and I hope to assist with yours.

    Gareth Williams

    Managing Director
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