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    Welcome to our Feedback & Help forum. This forum exists as a place to highlight any bugs/issues you've encountered while using the site, suggest site improvements or give feedback to the team behind UKBF.

    Before posting:
    • Please check our FAQs if you have a query about your account (changing your username, password resets or you can't access something you think you should be able to etc)
    • If you've encountered a bug with the site, please try and include as much information as you can. Listing things like the page the issue occurred on, your internet browser and including screenshots where possible will help us to isolate the problem.
    • We try to check this forum on a daily basis, but if you have an urgent issue, please get in touch with either myself or a member of the moderation team directly.
    Posted: Feb 7, 2017 By: Kat Haylock Member since: Jul 11, 2016
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