Webinar: Buying and Selling Businesses in a Downturn

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    Webinar: We're going to be talking about Buying and Selling Businesses in a Downturn -Jonathan Lea (this lawyer bloke) and I.

    Join us if you're bored. Friday 24th July 2020 at 12:00pm. Register here.

    But don't ask for payment, we're not paying anyone.

    We may discuss acquisition of businesses in a downturn, looking more closely as “practical” issues. On the buy-side we may talk about whether the downturn has affected deal sourcing. We may touch on whether one needs to look for different attributes to what one may have sought previously. We may discuss whether sellers have found it more difficult to reach buyers and whether they need to use a different approach etc etc.

    Or we may talk about the weather, call it a day and go have some beers.

    Bring your own pillow.
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