Webdurance - our 24 hour charity hackathon!

Discussion in 'North East' started by paulomunky, Apr 28, 2010.

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    This summer, Newcastle will play host to the 24-hour webathon, Webdurance... 36 web programmers, designers and writers will be locked up in a room and challenged to the task of creating brand-new websites for 6 regional charities. The event will be hosted by online software company, 1DayLater.com


    We want to do some good! And we also want to show to the world that the North East has a great web-scene.


    July 15th & 16th, 2010

    Are you interested?

    Regardless if you want to help out or not, please show your support by signing up as a member at http://webdurance.org - you'll receive irregular updates on the progress of the event. If you want to help out, then go one step further and join the appropriate group
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    Hope you let em out for a shower ;) heheh :)
    Blimey gone are the days I used to stay up for 4/5 days and nights without sleep lol ;)
    Looks like a good cause though :)
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