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    TSOHost you might be using Cpanel hosting, are you looking for dedicated or shared hosting? Other things are quit possible including migration. Most of the host provide 30 days moneyback, best would be shortlist few host, check there reviews, try to contact support to get the anwers you are willing to get. Once you are satisfied you can select the best option that fits your requirement.
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    In contrast I would strongly recommend the OP does not run their production websites on unmanaged servers unless they:
    • have experience in web server administration;
    • are comfortable setting up suitable monitoring;
    • are happy to respond to potential issues 24/7/365;
    • are comfortable creating and testing suitable backup procedures; and
    • are willing to spend more time on their hosting set up, rather than working on their core business.
    To name just a few important differences between a managed and unmanaged service.

    If shared hosting is not good enough (and there are fair reasons to avoid shared hosting) then I would recommend a fully managed server from a managed service provider.
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    If you are to use VPS, I can also recommend you IOZOOM. Cheap VPS starting at $5 for high availability and automatic failover. Ranked one of the best cloud SSD VPS hosting provider.
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    Not according to all the comparisons I've just looked at.
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    Well if you are going to let facts get in the way, we may as well all leave this forum now. :D
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    There are several hosting providers created exactly for WordPress and WooCommerce:
    • Bluehost
    • DreamHost
    • Kinsta
    • WP Engine
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    Hi, we use Simple Servers for main sites and Vultr for custom play projects. Simple Servers customer support and uptime is very good IMHO.

    Recently we have been recommended both: Green Geeks and Stable Host (we have not used them ourselves).

    Bluehost I am also aware of as it appears to come up on lots of blogs relating to WordPress.
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    AWS can make even the simplest tasks complicated to perform, it's a whole new platform to learn. A better solution if you only want to host static websites and need something very low cost is Netlify. Uses AWS infrastructure, costs nothing and can be as simple as dragging and dropping your website onto the Netlify tab in your browser.
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    Check out this hosting: Hetzner dot com
    It's a German hosting that have starting plans from € 1.60 domen and SSL included!
    I would post you a link but I don't have 30 posts to do it...
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