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    Are you...
    Drowning in a sea of spreadsheets?
    Still relying on paper forms?
    Wasting time copying data between systems?
    We're Coherent Software and we can help!

    We solve technical problems so that today's businesses can perform better. To do this, we hire the best IT boffins we can find, follow industry best practices and deliver software that fundamentally improves processes. We create entirely bespoke software.

    We build software for desktop, mobile and cloud - and we frequently plug in to existing systems such as Sage and Xero and payment gateways such as Worldpay, Stripe and PayPal. We're the northwest's first and only Xero Developer Partner.

    If you have a problem that we could help with, email james -at- coherent.net or call 0800 292 6474.
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