Ways to Maintain Business Agility In 2020 Post COVID-19

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    COVID-19 has affected all our lives. Thus it's hard for a business to survive.

    Business agility is maintaining and adapting the goods and services offered to meet with customer demands, adjusting to the marketplace changes. Thus in this post-COVID world demands are increasing and the supply chain has broken.

    Business agility can be improved in post-COVID-19 by following ways:

    1. Quickly present new items and administrations. ...

    2. Consider investor esteem as the main.

    3. Have a corporate promise to the goals.

    4. Convey extraordinary client support and fulfillment.

    5. React to changing business sector requests.
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    1 daft
    2 no idea what you mean
    3 sounds painful
    4 perhaps offer is better than convey.
    5 and that impacts a business how?

    Supply chain is exactly the same as it was in January.

    Hard for some businesses to survive, easier for others.
    Some have seen considerable increase in profits, some have seen significant rise in turnover. And some not yet able to even open.
    Very mixed bag.
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    Ignore, they have been spamming forums all over the place
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