Waterproof Rugged Cell Phones That Can Do More

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Oct 13, 2014
Chinavasion, leading Chinese phone wholesalers have reported a growing demand in waterproof Smartphones and multifunctional rugged phones.



Ms. Rose Li, PR Manager at Chinavasion stated, “Over the past 6 months our sales results have shown a growing demand for waterproof smartphones as well as multifunctional rugged phones, we are responding to that by providing a greater range of these cellular devices to better meet consumer needs.”

There are very few main stream phones that have IP resistant ratings and rugged features “This means they are easily susceptible to irreparable damage cause from water, dirt and drops” Ms. Li told us.

Waterproof Cell Phones
Waterproof smartphones will have an IP rating and are resilient to water and dust damage. Rose Li said “IP rated devices are tough and sealed against water ingress making them popular with people who work outside and adventurers who enjoy outdoor sports, such as Kayakers, runners, cyclists and climbers.”

The Blackview BV5000 is one such rugged cell phone with an IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating, as well as 4G LTE connectivity, a quad core CPU and 2GB of RAM.

Waterproof phones and those with large batteries are frequently large and bulky in appearance. Ms Li said, “This can put people off buying them, however the Blackview BV5000 tackles this issue by providing all the rugged features in a slim, lightweight and elegant design.”

Ms. Rose Li explained why this Blackview smartphone is proving popular, “Unlike many rugged phones the BV5000 isn’t bulky and weighs less than 150 grams, its 13mm thick body also houses a 5000mAh battery that brings great usage times, something that is a must have for many users.”

The Blackview BV5000 has a similar appearance and functions to most large screen Android phones and when put side by side with them it hard to tell the rugged smartphone apart from main stream devices.

Rugged Phones That Can Do More
Rose Li said, “In order to differentiate themselves from the market and offer users with something more than just a phone many companies are developing and offering phones with extra utilitarian functions.”

“The growth in multifunctional phones like IP67 rated the NO.1 A9 cell phone is no surprise”, Ms. Li stated. These devices work like any other phone but have additional features such as flashlights and power bank functions.

The NO1. A9 rugged bar phone has a 4800mAh battery and can double as a power bank or flashlight. Running on the GSM cellular frequencies and dispensing with a large touch screen help conserve power; this allows the A9 to be used for 24 hours continuously.

“It is the extra utilitarian features of these rugged phones that customers find compelling as they withstand harsh environments and offer really useful functions especially for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts” Rose. Li added.

China wholesale electronics supplier, Chinavasion, has a range of rugged Smartphones with no MOQ and wholesale prices.
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