Voluntary insolvency

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    I am looking down the barrel of insolvency, (words that had never entered my vocabulary 4 months ago). I run a limited company the 2 directors are myself and and my husband.
    I have debt of £5,000 to start up loans and my husband is owed money as director of £30,000 which were set up costs and and money he has put in when cash flow has been tight.
    I have received a grant from the government which pays my fixed costs but which very soon will have run out.
    What are my options?
    Lease on the property is with the council and up for renewal next year.

    How do I go about
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  2. Gavin Bates

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    I think the first thing you need to do is check your lease to make sure you haven’t given a personal guarantee.


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    Hi Lizzie,

    As Gavin posted check for PGs, if your loan is from startuploans despite no actual guarantee against your property check the terms in case you are still liable.

    No issue in closing the Ltd company following the sponge bob method but it sounds like the only liability is directors loan which your husband won’t get back.

    Might be better to cease trading, moth ball and keep the Ltd company going, chat to your accountant? You might be able to use it for some other venture in which case ultimately getting your husbands £30k back. If you put the business effectively into administration it will eventually get struck off and the £30k written off yet you might still be on for the start up loan debt

    I would have initial free chat with an IP and see what they advise?
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    Thank you for your replies. I forgot to mention my husband is not on any payroll or receive any dividends, in effect a silent Director. Does this make any difference to the above advice? Thanks
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    I don't think it makes any difference at all.
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    Doesn’t matter what director he is as long as he is registered as director at companies house, check “people tab” against your company name:-

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    Assuming this was a trading company, your husband would be entitled to relief on the irrecoverable loan under TCGA92/S253 . Unfortunately this only is available against future capital gains but would help if he had any
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    I presume there are no assets in the Company?

    Options are as porky suggested to sit tight and mothball the Company for potential later use, or dissolve it now - see here for details:


    Alternatively you can liquidate the Company, either voluntarily or via Court.

    There will be a cost to this which is normally paid for from the Company assets, or via the Directors personally.
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