Voipfone wins Best Business VoIP Award 2009

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    Dead chuffed :)

    ITSPA Awards Winners 2009 10th December

    VoIP Providers Honoured in Parliament at ITSPA Awards

    10th December – The success stories of the VoIP industry were announced in
    Parliament today at the 2nd annual ITSPA Awards. The ceremony was attended by
    over a hundred people including parliamentarians, civil servants and industry
    representatives. It took place in the Strangers Dining Room of the House of
    Commons and was hosted by Andrew Miller MP. The awards were presented in 5
    categories, representing different areas of the VoIP and Unified Communications

    The Award Winners were:
    Best Consumer VoIP – Vonage V-Plan 4i
    Best Business ITSP (SMEs) – iNet Telecoms (Voipfone)
    Best Business ITSP (Large Enterprise) – ntl:Telewest Business
    Best VoIP Hardware – Polycom VVX (TM)1500
    Most Innovative VoIP Product – BT IP Exchange

    Those Highly Commended were:
    Best Business ITSP category (SMEs) - Telappliant
    Best Business ITSP (Large Enterprise) – Ipitomi Ltd & Voicenet Solutions
    Best VoIP Hardware – Nortel: (CS 2000)
    Most Innovative VoIP Product – Snom 870

    This year, technical testing by Epitiro was introduced for two of the categories - Best
    Consumer VoIP and Best Business ITSP (SME). Entrants for all categories also had
    to complete written entry forms that were independently reviewed by the ITSPA
    Awards judges.

    Eli Katz, ITSPA Chairman, said, “I would like to congratulate the 2009 ITSPA Awards
    winners and finalists. It has been excellent to follow on from the inaugural awards last
    year with an equally competitive nomination process in 2009. Despite the tough
    economic conditions, residential and business customers are increasingly becoming
    more aware of the opportunities that IP based Communications Services can offer
    including cost, flexibility and new multi-media services. The testing regime again
    showed that VoIP can rival the PSTN for voice quality and reliability”.

    Linus Surguy, Technical Director of Magrathea, said, “Magrathea is proud to again be
    associated with the ITSPA Awards and would like to congratulate all the winners this
    year. It has been encouraging to see such wide participation from so many
    companies, indicating the competitive nature of the VoIP market. It is important that
    we recognise the success stories of the industry and we hope this will continue”.
    Iain Wood, Head of Marketing from Epitiro, said, “We welcomed the challenge of
    testing some of the award categories and were impressed with the quality and
    reliability of all the entrants. We look forward to developing this process further in the
    future and testing more of the award categories next year.”

    The 2009 ITSPA Awards were open to all those in the VoIP space, including those
    who were not members of ITSPA. For more information on ITSPA or the awards
    please go to www.itspaawards.org.uk or www.itspa.org.uk
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    I wish I have the money to involved myself in this , I would have been among these lucky winners now however, I congratulate them and wish them the best of luck this festive period, Merry Xmas and a prosperous New year:)
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    Entrance is free and you don't need to be a member to apply or win (2 winners are non-members). If you're doing something interesting with VoIP, ITSPA would be pleased to hear from you.
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    IIRC you just missed it last year, so very well done!
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    Great news Colin, well done :)

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    Nicely done :)

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    Well done. I hope you thanked god in your acceptance speech :)
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    Excellent! Very well done.
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    My acceptance speech was:

    "Thanks you, I'm pleased. I'm going to suggest you rename this the old gits prize for persistence. Thanks again." (We won at the third attempt)

    I kid you not :)

    (Nice to be on the same winning platform with multi-bilion quid brands like BT, NTL/Telewest, Polycom - plus Vonage too)
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    Well done Colin!

    Excellent achievement. We get approached by various VOIP/Telecoms companies to sell their voip products and I use Voipfone as a bit of a benchmark being a user etc and know that a lot of them don't come anywhere near the mark in terms of value for money, features and flexibility.


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    Ah, bless you - telemarketeers aren't all bad after all ;-)
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    just rewards for excellence!.. and perseverance:)

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    Nice One.

    I have been very impressed with your service since switching from BT.


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    Congratulations Colin.

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    Well done Colin :D

    As a user of your service myself, I know that the award is truely deserved!
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    Congratulations. Very well done.
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    Well done Colin.
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    Very interesting results from the empirical testing of VoIP providers:

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