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    The small business video production and marketing company, BusyVids has launched a new website aimed at the corporate market. The new service offers companies a hands-off approach to their video marketing, as BusyVids will manage all productions and marketing on a regular no commitment monthly basis.

    The concept is to free up precious time that corporate marketing managers spend on their video marketing efforts, instead leaving it to a professional company to manage a full video marketing campaign for them. This new service is more of a further expansion for BusyVids, who still specialise in the production of marketing videos for small business owners. Their website is aimed at the smaller business, whereas their new flagship website, is now targeting the upper areas of the market.

    In a recent statement, Managing Director, Bill Knight said, "BusyVids continues to grow as a company and therefore needs to offer a wide range of video services to all areas of business from the sole trader to the multi-national enterprise. Our new .com website simply aims to cater for the needs of all businesses, and this must include video marketing campaign management services"

    He added, "We have recently partnered with several production professionals to ensure we can create and deliver a wide range of exceptional video productions and market them to a highly targeted audience. We believe video is the best way forward for all advertising online and that includes all social media marketing, where video advertising is proving to be dominant and the most effective."

    The company now offers businesses of all sizes, whether located locally, regionally or nationally, an opportunity to target their ideal customers with any type of product or service through the power of video marketing.

    For more information visit the new website at:
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