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    We are a VAT registered company.We purchase goods from UK suppliers and re-sell the goods to different countries.
    We received a purchase invoice from a VAT registered UK supplier.The bill adress is the adress of our company,the goods are shipped again to us (according to the invoice) ,but the end user is in Norway and the invoice has a VAT (i think there should not be since we can provide paper work proof that the goods left the UK.if so i can tell them to cancel the invoice and re-issue it without the VAT on )
    Should the purchase invoice have a VAT or should not
    How does VAT on export work in in these cases ?
    In which case the exported goods are VAT exempt -when the goods are delivered (the final user is based) outside the UK or outside the EU or both.
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    You should really get professional help to get it right. But in my humble opinion the first transaction is in the UK and you must pay vat regardless that you will reclaim if you are vat registered. If the goods go after that to another country you must verify the vat number from the business and keep a record. B2b to Norway sold from you can be vat ecc 0%. If the sales is b2c to Norway you must charge UK vat rate as UK is the place of supply.
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