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Discussion in 'Legal' started by Dynumo, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Dynumo

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    I have a client who was recently made redundant and decided to set up his own business doing what he had been doing in his job for a number of years.

    His boss had tried to get him to sign a no-compete contract for the country before he left (slipping it into another contract hoping he wouldn't notice), but my client noticed and refused, prompting his ex-boss to make a cash offer for the contract (which was not a sufficient amount for my client to accept as he has bills to pay).

    Nevertheless, when my client left, the boss left a very nice article on his businesses blog talking about how good an employee he had been, until he found out that my client was setting up his own company with similar services, leading him to remove the article from his businesses blog.

    The text of said article still being retrievable from Google's cache, what would be the implications if I where to use a snippet of the article on my clients website, attributable to his old boss?

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    Posted: Dec 10, 2012 By: Dynumo Member since: Jan 18, 2009
  2. Steve Sellers

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    There could be a copyright issue I suppose. Depends what you mean by snippet.

    If he is now angered by your pal, why bother using the snippet? If people check up on this testimonial/reference(assuming that is the purpose you are going to use it for) then the boss may be inclined to say something not so true and damaging.

    I am not sure of the reasoning for using it, is it as I suggest above?
    Posted: Dec 10, 2012 By: Steve Sellers Member since: Aug 7, 2011
  3. Dynumo

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    I'm considering putting it as a quote on my clients "about me" page.

    My client did leave the company in good standing - with this as a good reference - and I feel the removal of it from public allows false speculation to the contrary (which I think was the aim).

    It's also important evidence to his knowledge and experience in the field while he's still starting out on his own, as he learnt the trade in this company.

    I think his old boss would be too smart to risk slander/libel.
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  4. ethical PR

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    I think it's fine for your client to mention in his 'about me' section that he has worked for the organisation.

    I definitely wouldn't add any sort of endorsement from a third party unless they have explicitly given permission for it to go up on the website.

    It is very unlikely to damage his reputation because a comment from his ex company has been removed, but much more likely to damage his reputation if you put an endorsement on the site, without the companies permission and they then complain about this either on his blog or elsewhere.
    Posted: Dec 10, 2012 By: ethical PR Member since: Apr 19, 2009
  5. Dynumo

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    I think you're right. Thanks!
    Posted: Dec 10, 2012 By: Dynumo Member since: Jan 18, 2009
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