Unwanted returns delivered in tatty condition

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    What do you do with unwanted products returned with the packaging in tatty condition?

    Do you sell them at a discount or repackage them?
    It is starting to cause us a bit of an issue repackaging them all.

    We want to sell them at a discount and advertise them as used but cant work out how our system would manage this.
    Think we would have to create a new SKU with the lower price to list as used to Amazon.

    Hearing about your current methods will be much appreciated.


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    Hi Sam,

    In a past life, I sold laptop backpacks. Sometimes these were returned when someone realise that their 17.3 inch laptop didn't fit (because we were not selling a bloody suitcase backpack!). We also re-sold demo bags that had been used at events. Anyhow, we sold these as B-Grade products on our website, Amazon and on eBay.

    As long as you make it clear that they are B-Grade in the title and that the packaging is damaged and the product may have some scratches, you should be ok. It's always best to take photos of potential damage so the customer is fully aware.

    We created a new SKU which was a variation of the old one. So, for example:
    • New product - SKU-0001
    • B-Grade product - SKU-001-B
    That way it was easier to manage and reconcile with the accounts.

    Hope that helps.

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    I agree with @WebshopMechanic - once you state in the description that the products in question are being resold or second-hand and you are explicit about damage to packaging or the actual products themselves, you should be fine. Just be sure to offer a nice discount!

    I hope this helps.
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    I often look out for products in clearance outlets - the box will be going in the bin anyway, so why pay for it? One point - I would consider 'B' grade to be damage to the packaging, not to the product itself; any damaged products I'd consider 'C' grade and would expect a bigger discount.
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    I buy wholesale job lots of these sort of items if you want to discuss PM me
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