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    Hi, I'm looking to get a £35k business loan (probably over 5 years). My 1st year was 27k and second year is 89K turnover. Profits have been minimal due to substantial reinvestment - though look very promising.

    I have 2 queries:

    1. I realise that as a proposition to a lender, I'm not the most attractive and have been offered paltry amounts by Barclays. Personally I am not a home owner and have what Experian view as a 'Fair' credit rating. No adverse credit though.

    A broker has said that they can get me the £35k (unsecured/personal guarantee obviously), though their fees for doing so are £2,300 + 16% minimum...what are peoples thoughts? Extremely high or the reality of my position?

    2. Another option is to go with a government backed lender with a very long winded application process. However on one of their application documents, they have asked if I have ever had a company that ceased trading, or one that went into liquidation. Yes I've had a few hobby businesses the last of which I voluntarily struck off in 2015 - never adverse credit/bankrupt. One however, in 2005 was voluntarily liquidated (no longer wished/was viable to run the business and had about 10k corporation tax bill to pay).

    How long do searches go back, will this prejudice my application, and should I disclose this?

    Any advice much appreciated!
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    I’m not sure what the government scheme is, since Start Up Loans are only available up to 2 years trading. However it will brobably be the best option if available

    If the broker can achieve what they say it might be your best option. However fees must be payable on success only.
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    Some brokers appear to charge fees for the fact a search is made.
    Was offered a business loan once that required a £465 payment up front and the email address they gave me was a gmail one. I like gmail, however I don't expect a lender to have a gmail address.
    Put it to my board and it was voted down as an option which really peed off the guy I had been talking to on the phone. He insisted I had agreed to keep the loan details secret.

    Some crooks around, spotting them not always easy.
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    Thanks guys, do you think the previously liquidated company will be an issue, and should I even mention it?
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    If you’re linked on Companies House I wo7ld suggest you disclose it

    TBH no idea if it will affect your application
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    As a broker myself unsecured loans are available but can often be difficult to obtain if there are poor credit issues in the background. The fees you have been quoted are far too high unless there are more to your position than advised.
    If you want me to have a look around for you with our panel of lenders then send me some more details and I'll see what quotes I can get for you.

    Email Neil @ AllStarFunding.co.uk (remove blanks from email address)
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