Unlimited TPS Checking* for £99pm (TPS & CTPS)

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    tpsmydata is an easy to use TPS & CTPS Screening system to enable users to quickly screen their telephone data against the TPS & CTPS registers.

    We are offering unlimited TPS checking (CTPS included) for just £99+vat per month OR £999+vat per annum. Piece of mind whilst you remain compliant.

    Key Benefits
    - Compliance - Avoid the risk of fines of up to £500k from the ICO and reputational damage.
    - Cost Effective - highly competitive rates to check telephone numbers against both the TPS & CTPS.
    - Updated Daily - The TPS & CTPS are updated on a daily basis to ensure tpsmydata is fully up to date.

    Key Features

    - Both TPS & CTPS checks included
    - Batch, API or single lookup
    - Processes millions of numbers per hour
    - Number Intelligence enrichment (Line type, Number format standardisation, Original Line Carrier and Location)
    - UK support

    Visit https://tpsmydata.co.uk/unlimited?src=UKBF to enquire about our unlimited offer

    For our standard PAYG pricing visit https://tpsmydata.co.uk/?src=UKBG#pricing

    Free TPS/CTPS demo (no registration required) - try our demo https://tpsmydata.co.uk/demo where you can check upto 50 numbers against the TPS & CTPS every day.

    We are offering all UKBF members 2500 free credits upon registration.

    Email [email protected] or call 01442 590800 for more details.

    *Subject to our generous fair usage policy

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