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    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to UKBF updates or, informally, "where the heck has ____ gone?"

    In this thread I'll be highlighting any changes we make to UKBF over the next six months, providing links to help you find pages or tabs that might've moved and hopefully giving you a bit of insight into why we're making some of the changes.

    Since I'd like to keep this clear and coherent for anyone reading back, I'll be closing this thread to replies. If you'd like something clarifying, or have general comments or queries, feel free to start a new thread in Feedback & Help or send me a PM :)

    First up!

    Everyone with big thumbs rejoice: we've cut down the site sub-header from five tabs to just two. From now on, you'll only see New Posts and Watched Threads in the white header below the main nav.

    Why? We took on board feedback from an earlier thread in this forum, compared some stats that showed the others just weren't used enough and it's been a longtime source of frustration that New Posts was so hard to access on mobile. In future, when you're logged in on mobile, New Posts will be directly accessible below the Forums tab. For logged out users, you'll see Recent Posts as usual.

    How can I access Watched Forums and Watched Articles? You can get to them via the Personal Details option in your profile. You can also get to Mark Forum as Read via New Posts. Here's a step by step guide to help.

    Get in touch if you have any queries!


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