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    If you receive the UKBF Friday newsletter then you would have already seen this announcement (sign up here).

    For the past few months my colleagues and I have been working on a new UKBF website update, and we will be carrying out the update on Tuesday 30th November and into the night. We are aiming to have the new website launched ready for the morning of Wednesday 1st December.

    The main purpose of this update is to modernise the technology used to power UKBF. This will enable me and my colleagues to have a modern and current platform to build upon going forward, the current tech that UKBF runs on is many years old and not in a suitable state for any development work to be done. By doing this work it means we can start working on new features, updates and implementing some the things that haven't been possible when asked in the Feedback forum.

    It wouldn't be an update without bringing with it some changes, and some of these changes will include;
    • A working search function! Yes, I know
    • Revised and polished home page
    • Searchable business directory for members
    • Social feed for member updates
    • Working Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Microsoft Login and Register
    • Featured advice and how-to business guides written by UKBF and members of UKBF
    • Linking business listings and business information to members posts
    • Upvoting, highlight the most accurate and informative replies to questions
    Much of the other changes are changes and improvements to existing functionality of UKBF brought about purely because it will be running on a new version of the current software. These are things like better blog abilities and improved member profiles. This means parts of the forum or the way it works will look a bit different and for regular members UKBF it may take a bit of getting used to, but it is the same software (just about 9-10 years newer!)

    So, put the date in your diary Tuesday 30th November. UKBF will be going into Read Only (Maintenance Mode) for a much of the day, before going offline for a few hours that evening. I look forward to welcoming you all back to UKBF the following morning to the new shiny UKBF website!

    We'll be keeping you posted on progress during the update on our Twitter here or my more coal face posts here.
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