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    We offer:

    - An upmarket London address;
    - Mail forwarding;
    - 0207 telephone number;
    - Registered office;
    - Meeting room;
    - Scan and email;
    - Low cost!
    - Mail Forwarding / Redirection;
    - Accountancy Service.

    # Get your own registered address, with optional desk space, for your company.

    These addresses look great on your letterhead and inspire confidence in customers. It works for new and existing businesses. You can relax in the knowledge that your personal privacy is secure.

    Our prices are a steal. You won't get a better deal elsewhere. Probably!

    We offer:

    Registered offices;
    Mail forwarding;
    Confidentiality and discretion.

    Some people use their home address but many are not comfortable that business documents and enquiries come to where they and their families live. They also don't want the expense of maintaining office space they don't need.

    So they get a virtual office address.

    This sort of service is used by young entrepreneurs who just want to get a foothold in London.

    # Meeting room;
    # Mail forwarding;
    # Scan and email;
    # Registered office;
    # Telephone number;
    # Business Address;
    # London virtual office;
    # Company formation.

    Work from home and have a toe-hold at a smart address in London, UK. Meet your clients there or work there regularly. Or just get your mail forwarded.

    - Low fees, various plans, high quality service.

    Get the benefits of a presence in the City AND/or work there, without paying through the nose for it.

    Near these locations:

    St. Pauls,
    Chancery Lane,
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