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Discussion in 'International Business' started by PlazaCommerce, Sep 9, 2010.

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    I'm an IT contractor in the UK. Currently, the company I work for pays my limited company and I then extract a salary from that limited company.

    I've heard that IT developers are in short supply in Oz, and I'd like to spend some time there so I'm going to apply for a WHV and move there for 12 months.

    Would the company in Oz continue to simply send the funds to my limited company? I would basically invoice them for services provided, just the same as if I'd visited Oz and sold a company one of my products.

    Is this easy to do? I want to continue using my company for profits gained, and then use my company to pay myself a salary. I'm hoping this would mean that I wouldn't need to open an Oz bank account whilst I'm there.
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    Well,I really don't know such thing.I am a sales man of beauty products.I just thought if you do have some thoughts,then you need to take actions of it.
    Anyway,google is really a good tool for you to search.
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    I'd go straight to a tax specialist in Australia if I were you PlazaCommerce.

    I would highly doubt if you were able to do it though either legally as you would be trying to side step the Australian Tax Office (ATO) by not paying tax on income arising over there or practically due to the costs/hassle in setting up an Australian branch and then remitting invoices between your establishments in the UK and Australia to minimise tax, transfer pricing issues and dealing with double taxation.

    I moved down to Melbourne five years ago to start a permanent job after contracting through a limited company here in the UK. The sponsored visa wasn't going to be ready before I started so I did (albeit cheekily) enquire whether I would be able to invoice the first few days through my Ltd. The tax department met that with a firm 'no'.

    Whether that was due to a specific tax law or practical hassles though, I never bothered to find out. may give you the basics but, as I say, it's best to either engage a specialist or just enjoy your spare time over there rather than doing extra paperwork. It is annoying having to spend $5 a month on a bank account but it might be for the best - plus the exchange rate is in their favour so it will hurt spending £s over there at the moment.

    Either way, enjoy Aus and keep your head down if the Ashes goes in their favour. I'm still emotionally scarred.
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