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Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Akos, Aug 29, 2019.

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    Hi There,

    My name is Akos and I am in process of setting up an ltd in the UK to do dropshipping with my partner.

    We have previous experience with ecommerce outside the UK so I would need some more UK specific advise on how it can work well here in the UK.

    Any tips on the following would be greatly appreciated:

    1. The main question and I have read a lot on this is Sole trader VS ltd
    (The plan is to set up a limited company for this unless someone has a very convincing reason to keep it as a sole trader or partnership.)

    2. Can you do native ads as a sole trader or do you have to be registered as a company in the UK?

    3. ACCOUNTANCY. As dropshipping will be an unknown field for me through a company in the UK what are your tips on accounting and book-keeping. Does anyone have experience with online accountancy agencies such as crunch? Are they suitable for this kind of business? I have read some VERY mixed reviews. Should I just hire a proper accountant?

    Other than these any general tips and DOs and DON'Ts are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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  2. Mr D

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    What is a native ad?

    Accountants dealing with limited companies should be able to deal with yours.

    Just be aware there will be plenty of competition and if a buyer has a problem its for you to sort it out.
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  3. wayzgoose

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    If it's with your parter I would start off as a partnership. Really don't think there's any need for a Ltd company yet. Dropshipping is just a form of retail so your books are much the same as if you were running a shop.
    I would always prefer to chat with a local accountant rather than online.
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    1. I would start as you mean to go on and go Ltd

    2. Do you mean showing ads locally (google, facebook etc) - you can do this regardless of sole trader or ltd company status.

    3. It is best to choose an accountant who is familiar with the industry you are in and I would choose one you can talk to on the phone or face to face.


    If selling in the UK you need to familiarise yourself with the Distance Selling Regulations also:

    Good luck with it all.
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  5. fisicx

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    DON’T try to run this from outside the UK. People will want to know there is someone local they can call.

    DO take time to research the market. There are thousands of dropshippers most of whom fail because they didn’t put in the effort to find a niche and do their marketing properly.
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  6. Akos

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    Thanks for the advice guys! Really appreciate it
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    Top tip...get a RELIABLE order fulfilment company to store your items and post them out DIRECT to your customers.
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