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    We have just started our supplement company and as we are currently finalizing with our manufacturer our product's formula and price per unit, I am starting to wonder it it would be wise to get a contract with quantities, pricing, delivery addresses etc etc

    Of course, these details are already agreed in writing by email, however the contract ma be useful to cover few extra bits and pieces.

    Also, I would like to know how to approach something I personally find awkward: prices and products are good and they provide COA of each ingredient, however communication is something I never experience before.
    I often deal with the director (with regards to quotations and formula changes), who is located outside UK and there is no chance to speak with him over the phone. Everything must be done only by email, including approving NDA (which he did not actually sign). With that being said, I am able to speak over the phone with his UK staff, which is very helpful with manufacturing bits and pieces, shipments etc.
    This is the first business investment we are making in UK as we normally invest in other EU countries (different industries, more corporate world) where communication is quite different and I was wondering how I should deal with this to cover our interests the best way possible.
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    Very easy answer - yes you need a contract or at least to be comfortable with their standard terms and conditions. Have you protected the IP in the formula?
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